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1929-1930s Photograph Album of Eleanor Frances Foss of Melrose, Massachusetts; Later Eleanor Frances (Foss) Ritchie Plummer of Massachusetts and Maine

1929-1930s photograph album that belonged to Eleanor Frances Foss of Melrose, Massachusetts.  Many photographs show Maine scenes and people, reflecting the fact that Eleanor's parents were Maine natives.

The album was found with an older one apparently kept by Eleanor's mother Mary Sutherland (Hinkley) Foss, a native of Alton, Maine.

The album measures 10" by 6-1/2" and contains 168 photographs.  Many of the people and scenes in the album are identified.

From brief online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions requested]

Eleanor Frances Foss was born July 16, 1915 at Melrose, Massachusetts, the daughter of Hervey Daniel Foss and Mary Sutherland [or Southerland] (Hinkley) Foss, who were born at Hancock, Maine, and Alton, Maine, respectively.  Eleanor had a younger brother Sheldon H. Foss.  Many of the photographs depict her immediate family, as well as other family members, friends, and Paul Osman Ritchie, "Dud", who would become her husband.

Eleanor and Dud were teachers.  I found faculty photographs of them in the 1959 yearbook of Weymouth High School, Weymouth, Massachusetts.  Dud died in 1966.  Eleanor later married Henry Almon Plummer of Maine.  She died at Bangor, Maine, in 2004.  Her obituary details her full life of teaching, child rearing and volunteerism.
Below, a photograph that shows Eleanor's father's humorous side.

Eleanor's mother, Mary Sutherland (Hinkley) Foss appears in several photographs, but in a group or from a distance, such as in a group photo at her brother William H. Hinkley's farm, shown below.  William's wife and children were Amy Alice (Malbon) Hinkley and Bernice, Raymond and Wallace.

Eleanor's brother, Sheldon H. Foss:

Two photographs of the farm of Eleanor's paternal grandmother, Angie N. (Springer) Foss of Hancock, Maine, widow of Augustus B. Foss.  I understand the farm is still in the Foss family.  Perhaps it was here that Eleanor's father, Hervey Daniel Foss, grew up.

Below, two of the many photographs of Paul Osman Ritchie, "Dud", of Melrose, Massachusetts, who would become Eleanor's first husband: Dud alone and with Eleanor Frances Foss at Eleanor's family's camp in August 1930.

Scenes in Maine

  • Acadia National Park
  • Alton - maternal uncle William H. Hinkley's farm
  • Bangor  - snapshots of an artillery encampment
  • Hancock - Gram Foss' farmstead and Howard Young's turkey farm
  • Hancock Point - ocean scenes, vessels, etc.
  • Ocean Park
  • Old Orchard Beach
  • Pea Cove, Old Town - soldiers headed there for target practice
  • Penobscot River
  • Skowhegan - Uncle Floyd Hinkley's farm [or Hinckley]
  • Stillwater Covered Bridge - replaced by a conventional bridge in 1951

Scenes in Massachusetts

  • Gloucester - fisherman statue
  • Melrose
  • Melrose Zoo
  • Nahant Beach
  • Plum Island
  • Swampscott - several photographs of New Ocean House and grounds
Scenes in New Hampshire

  • Flume Gorge
  • Old Man of the Mountain
  • Newton Junction - the family camp, possibly at Country Pond, which is also shown
  • Rockingham Park
  • Rye Beach
An interesting group of photographs shows military activities in the Bangor, Maine, and Old Town, Maine, area.

People mentioned in the album - Some names might be duplicated - I'd appreciate any clarifications you might have

? Surname
  • Bunny"
  • Laurie, in  multiple photos, including one with Joe and Sheldon, Eleanor's brother
  • Joe, in multiple photos, including one with Laurie and Sheldon, Eleanor's brother
  • Betty - in multiple photos, including one with Joe, Laurie and Eleanor
  • Rose at our Camp, July 1929
  • Shenny - in multiple photos, including one with Inez
  • Inez, with Shenny
  • Ruth, with Mrs. Cronk
  • Norm, with Marnie
  • Marnie, with Norm
  • Isobel, June 16, 1930, in a photo with Newton Woodbury
  • Frances - possibly more than one Frances in the album
  • Philip, August 1930.  Possibly taken at the farm of William H. Hinkley of Alton, Maine.
  • Norm, with Ralph Conway and Eleanor's father
  • Dot, with Eleanor at Nahant Beach, June 28, 1931
  • Royal, several photos after swimming in the Penobscot River, alone and with Eleanor, Frances and Helen
  • Lawry, with Inez Cronk
  • Dorothea
  • John Anderton, with Dot Tripp
  • Jim Avard - not sure of surname
  • Raymond Berquist, in a photo alone and with Trevor Cushman
  • Bob Coe, with "Dud" [Paul Osman Ritchie] at Western Maryland College in 1937
  • Ralph Conway, in two photos alone and with Norm and Eleanor's father
  • Mrs. Cronk, with Ruth
  • Nancy Cronk - multiple
  • Inez Cronk, with Lawry
  • Trevor Cushman, in a photo alone and with Raymond Berquist, 1931
  • Ken Dodge
  • Eleanor Frances Foss of Melrose, Massachusetts; owner of the photograph album, which she started in 1929.  She appears in multiple photographs as "Me" and "I"
  • Mama.  She was Mary Sutherland (Hinkley) Foss, Eleanor's mother, shown in several photographs, including at their camp at Newton Junction, New Hampshire
  • Sheldon.  He was Eleanor's brother, Sheldon H. Foss, who appears in multiple photos in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.
  • Dad.  He was Hervey Daniel Foss, Eleanor's father, who appears in multiple photos.
  • Gram Foss - two photos of her farmhouse at Hancock, Maine.  She was Angie N. (Springer) Foss, by then the widow of Augustus B. Foss.  They were the parents of Eleanor's father Hervey Daniel Foss.
  • Leslie Foss
  • Robby Fredric, with Jimmy Perkins, August 1930
  • Dot French, July, 1929
  • Uncle Floyd of Skowhegan, Maine, August 1930.  Floyd C. Hinckley, or Hinkley, was Eleanor's maternal uncle; in addition, his wife Sadie was a sister to Amy Alice (Malbon) Hinkley, wife of Floyd's brother and William H. Hinkley.
  • Bernice - multiple.  Possibly Bernice E. Hinkley, daughter of Eleanor's maternal uncle William H. Hinkley of Alton, Maine.  In one photo, she's shown with her cousins Helen Perry and Eleanor Foss.
  • William H. Hinkley, "Uncle Willie", Eleanor's maternal uncle. Several photographs of him and scenes of his farm.
  • Amy - multiple.  She was Amy Alice (Malbon) Hinkley, wife of Eleanor's maternal uncle William H. Hinkley of Alton, Maine
  • Raymond Hinkley  - multiple.  Son of Amy (Malbon) Hinkley and William H. Hinkley, who was Eleanor's maternal uncle
  • Wallace Hinkley - multiple.  Son of Amy (Malbon) Hinkley and William H. Hinkley, who was Eleanor's maternal uncle.
  • Nat James
  • Babe Jewett, July 1929; multiple photos, including one with Jinny Putnam and Sue Sanders
  • Tommy Layden, February 14, 1931 - two photos
  • Ginny MacDonald - sadly, only the caption remains
  • Ib Mason, March 1930
  • Jimmy Perkins, with Robby Fredric, August 1930
  • Helen - multiple.  Helen Perry, daughter of Eleanor's maternal aunt Blanche Mildred (Hinkley) Perry.  In one photograph, she's shown with her cousins Bernice Hinkley and Eleanor Foss.
  • Noel Phelps, at camp, July 4, 1931
  • Wendell Potter, January 20, 1929.  He appears in several photographs.
  • Jinny Putnam, July 16, 1930 - in a photo alone and also in a photo with Babe Jewett and Sue Sanders
  • Betty Riddell
  • Dud Ritchie, June 17, 1929.  Eleanor's future husband, Paul Osman Ritchie, "Dud" (1913-1966), of Melrose, Massachusetts, a 1931 graduate of Melrose High School and appears in many photographs. 
  • Sue Sanders - in a photo alone and in a photo with Jinny Putnam and Babe Jewett
  • Dot Tripp
  • Leonard S. Waite, at camp, June 21, 1931 - another photo
  • Bethel Wallace, August 1930 - multiple
  • Newton Woodbury at Plum Island - appears in other photos as "Newt"
  • Dave Woodbury at Plum Island
  • Dot Woodward
  • Howard Young, turkey farmer of Hancock, Maine - doesn't show Howard but there are several photos of his farm
  • Jeanette Young of Hancock, Maine, Howard Young's daughter

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