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Photographs of Family Members & Farms of William & Georgie Davis Family, Woodstock, Maine

Group of three related photographs:
  1. members of the family of William Stephens Davis (1847-1922) and wife Georgianna (Irish) Davis (1850-1915), "Georgie" (, of Woodstock, Maine
  2. their son Frank E. Davis and wife Annie C. (Bryant) Davis
  3. the farmhouse of William and Georgie

 The Davis Family.  George and Liza Davis; William and Georgie Davis (Father and Mother), Annie (Bryant) and Frank Davis.

Grampa Davis (William), Gram Davis (Georgie)

Our house, Frank and Annie Davis

From online research, hopefully correct:

William Stephens Davis was born 25 May 1847 at Woodstock, Maine, the son of Joseph and Jane (Stephens) Davis.  

In 1868, William Stephens Davis married Georgianna Irish, who was born 2 November 1850 at Woodstock, Maine, the daughter of Aaron M. and Hannah A. (Penney) Irish.  

I found two sons for William and Georgie:

In 1890, George William Davis married Eliza Ayre Felt (1867-1937), the daughter of Granville Newton Felt and wife Clarinda (Whitman) Felt.  They made their home in Oxford County, Maine, and raised two sons.

In 1898, Frank E. Davis married Annie C. Bryant (1871-1951), the daughter of Daniel and Hannah G. (Davis) Bryant.  They also lived in Oxford County, Maine, and raised a son.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly. 

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  1. I am interested in acquiring this for the local historical Soceity Ellis Davis married Olive Pingree no children born to them Elli M. Davis was an only child. They are my grandmothers cousins Stephen T. Seames