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Marriages & Deaths in Connecticut Courant of August 2, 1814

While searching through early 1800s newspapers for articles about the capture of Eastport, Maine, during the War of 1812, I came across this listing of Marriages and Deaths that I thought might interest readers.


MARRIED-- At Colchester, Mr. Erastus Chapman, of East Haddam, to Miss Prudence R. Loomis.--At North London, Mr. Thomas Bradlee, 2nd, of Boston, to Miss Mehitabel Fulton.

DIED--At Lebanon, Captain Chauncey Dutton, aged 34.--At Windham, Mr. Vine Starr, aged 52, of Middletown.--At Albany, on the 21st ult., Mr. Joseph Bigelow, aged 20, son of Mr. John Bigelow, of this city.--At Killingworth, on the 20th June, of the prevailing fever, Rev. Achilles Mansfield, aged 63.  On the Sabbath before his death, he attended the house of God and discharged the duties of his pastoral office.--At New York, on the 23rd ult., Mr. Samuel Goodrich, aged 70, formerly of Middletown.--At Southington, on the 13th ult., Mr. Fabius Dunham.--At Ellington, Mr. David Stone, aged 50.--At Wethersfield, Franklin W. Griswold, aged 13, son of Mr. Thomas Griswold.

                                    Nashville (Ten.) July 5
Dreadful Death!!!  Charles Baker, in perfect health, on trace creek in Williamson County, died on Sunday last.  He was a profane, wicked man, of turbulent passions, and much given to Blasphemy.  On the morning of his death, he attempted to make a calf stick a cow, that was not willing to do it -- in scuffling to do it the calf escaped, and he as usual with him pursued the calf with the most blasphemous language, and all at once fell down dead -- as he fell he exclaimed "Lord have mercy on me" and died as soon as if shot through the heart.    In a short time the corpse was as black as a hat.

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