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Henry Robert Taylor, b. 1830 Vermont, prominent citizen of Machias, Maine

Engraving of Henry Robert Taylor, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Maine in 1891 and 1892, from A Portrait Gallery, with Biographical Sketches of Prominent Freemasons Throughout the United States.

Images of the two pages of the article are below, after the genealogy section.

Henry Robert Taylor was born 31 May 1830 at Newfane, Vermont, the son of Denzil and Ann Dorothy (Morse) Taylor, both born and raised in Newfane, Vermont.  His paternal grandparents were Hezekiah and Sarah (Frost) Taylor.  His maternal grandparents were Ebenezer and Henrietta (Sieverley) Morse.

Henry, after trips throughout the United States and South America, settled in Machias, Maine.  In 1862, he married his first wife, Amelia Longfellow, with whom he had four children:

  • Annie E. Taylor, born about 1863
  • Henrietta L. born about 1865
  • Carrie F., born about 1866
  • Arthur H., born about 1872

Amelia died between 1872 and 1874.  

In 1874, Henry married second wife Laura Ella Smith, with whom he had another six children:

  • Edith H. Taylor, born about December 1878; she married Henry W. Thaxter
  • Henry Kingman Taylor, born 27 November 1881 in Machias, Maine; died 1962 in California; married Marion Clyde Gile
  • Amy Josephine Taylor, born 15 October 1883; m. Roy Edwin McKenzie
  • Alfred O. Taylor, born 15 October 1885; married Beatrice Robbins
  • Willard S. Taylor, born 25 February 1891; died 7 June 1891
  • Mary Taylor, born 9 June 1899; died 7 August 1899

I don't have information on the parents of either wife, or if Longfellow and Smith were actually their maiden names.

Henry held many important positions in Machias, Maine, as the biography in the images below will show.   Click on the images to enlarge them.

I found another article about Henry Robert Taylor's freemasonry, with another photo.

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A map of Newfane, Vermont:

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A map of Machias, Maine:

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