Thursday, September 10, 2020

1906 Photograph of a Boy, Presumably Robert Harold Young (1896-1942) of Dover, New Hampshire; by a Boston, Massachusetts studio

1906 photograph of a boy identified on the reverse as "My Brother (Robert) Harold Young Born Dec. 27 1896, age about 10 yrs old - 1906".  The photograph was taken at the Hollis Studio on Washington Street in Boston, Massachusetts.

(Robert) Harold Young was presumably the Robert Harold Young born on 27 December 1896 at Dover, New Hampshire, son of Robert Andrew Young and Mary A. (Bowser) Young, who were born in England and Nova Scotia respectively.  The couple's younger son, James H. Young, may have written the identification on the reverse of the photograph.

Robert Harold Young died 31 August 1942 and is buried in the Pine Hill Cemetery at Dover, New Hampshire.

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