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1879-1880 Autograph Album of Josephine (Deuse or Dewiss or Dewess) Donaldson of St. Louis, Missouri

Autograph album presented to Mrs. Josephine Donaldson by her husband Charles E. A. Robinson at Christmas in 1879.  Josephine's name appears in gold letters on the back cover.

The presentation page:

This "Floral Album" measures approximately 7-3/4" by 4-3/4" and contains only three pages of sentiments amid the scattered pages of floral designs.  It's possible that the album was so significant to Josephine that she decided to retire it for cherishing.

Charles E. A. Donaldson inscribed a touching sentiment to his wife, dated also on December 25, 1879.

Charles also inscribed a sentiment on behalf of the couple's two children, Clara and Charles.

The only other inscriber was Maggie Edwards, who either lived at Greenfield, Illinois, or inscribed her page there on April 3, 1880.

From brief online research, hopefully correct - corrections and additions requested:

Charles E. A. Donaldson was born about March 6, 1849 in Missouri, son of J. P. Donaldson.  Josephine was Lucretia A. M. J. or A. W. J.  with a surname of Duese, Dewess or Dewiss.   She was born in Illinois about January 1852.

Charles, a clerk, and Josephine married on January 7, 1874 at St. Louis, Missouri and had Clara about 1877 and Charles about 1878.  They would have at least two more children after Charles.

Charles E. A. Donaldson died in 1901 and Josephine in 1934.  They're buried in the Bellefontaine Cemetery at St. Louis, Missouri.

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  1. Death certificate of their son Charles J M Donaldson (d.4/5/18) clearly shows maiden name of mother as Lucretia J De Wees.

  2. Thanks, Art, for this tidbit. Off to research!