Saturday, March 19, 2016

Carte de Visite of a Man possibly Named Orland; by the Enos Crockett Studio of Rockland, Maine

Carte de visite of a handsome man taken by the Enos Crockett studio of Rockland, Maine.  The handwriting below the man's image is obscured by a thick stain.

It's possible that the line of handwriting above is "Yours Truly", and the line below is "Orland".  However, it's also possible that what I'm thinking is "Yours Truly" might be something else, perhaps his name.  I can't tell if there is another word beyond what I've construed, possibly erroneously, as "Truly".  If the top line is a name, it's possible that "Orland" refers to the Hancock County town of Orland, Maine.

I'm leaning toward "Yours Truly" and a given name of "Orland".

I found several men with the given name "Orland" of a plausible age in and around the Rockland, Maine, area.  Hopefully a reader will recognize this fellow from family photos and research and will forward his name.

Read more about photographer Enos Crockett (1815-1876), a saloon owner and photographer, here, at the Maine Memory Network.

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