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Pocket Memorandum, Advertising Favor from the store of Frank A. Cushman at Boyd Lake, Orneville, Maine

Pocket Memorandum with health-related advertisements and pages for note-taking, given out by the store of Frank A. Cushman at Boyd Lake at Orneville Township, Maine.  

In an 1885 directory, he was shown as a manufacturer of excelsior and spool timber.  He's mentioned in an article in an 1887 issue of the Bangor Daily New, at Bangor, Maine, as the operator of a general store at Boyd Lake.  He also served as postmaster there.

Judging from the two cent postage rate for a one ounce letter on one of the pages, I'd say this booklet dates from about 1899 and probably not later, as the family was living at Everett, Massachusetts by the time of the enumeration of the 1900 Federal Census.  But it's also possible that they returned to run a store at Boyd Lake in the summer.

The pages of the booklet are shown at the end of this post. The booklet is unmarked.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections and additions welcome!]

Frank Augustus Cushman was born 20 September 1850 at North Brighton Plantation, the son of Granville Augustus Cushman and Mary (Webb) Cushman.  

On 15 November 1874 at Lagrange, Maine, Frank married Myra A. Danforth, daughter of William and Mariah Danforth. They had at least two children, sons Fred Forest Cushman and William Granville Cushman.

By the time of the 1900 Census, the family was at Everett, Massachusetts, where Frank was shown as working as a stationary engineer [or in a stationery plant?]  Sons Fred and William were also working, as a stationary engineer and a stationary firemamn respectively.  

The family was still at Everett, Massachusetts, at the time of the 1910 Census.  

By 1925 Frank and Myra had moved to Providence, Rhode Island, to live with their son Fred Forest Cushman and his wife Jennie.

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An earlier post featured a photograph of Mattie (Cushman) Fitz of Corinth, Maine, and Kenduskeag, Maine, who might have been distantly related to Frank Augustus Cushman.

Boyd Lake in Orneville Township, Maine

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The advertisements in the pages below are worth a read!

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  1. I am interested in being "reunited" with this heirloom. I am the great grandaughter of Frank A. Cushman.

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