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1911 Flyer from the Merchants' Advertiser, Bangor, Maine & Hampden, Maine advertisers

This is what appears to have been an insert in a summer 1911 edition of The Merchants Advertiser, from either Bangor, Maine, or Hampden, Maine.

The flyer is one piece of paper, approximately 10-1/2" x 7-1/2" and folded in half, with the final dimensions of 10-1/2" x 3-3/4".

The front pane, above, consists of a full page advertisement for Hampden Academy, which was to open for its 109th year on September 12, 1911; it's still in operation, on a new campus.  Names in this advertisement are:

  •  F. Merton Hammond, Principal
  •  Hon. George W. Smith, President of the Trustees
  •  Dr. W. H. Nason, Secretary of the Trustees

The double pane above features two photographs, a head shot of Pope D. McKinnon, and a photograph showing the ruins of Drs. Sanger and Chapman residences.  There's no explanation of the cause of the ruined residences, but there was no need for one at that time, as the Great Fire of Bangor, Maine, had just occurred in late April.

The advertisements and businesses mentioned on these two panes:
  • Pope's Restaurant, 101-107 Exchange Street
  • Globe Hotel
  • Dr. Holt, dentist, 23 Hammond Street, Bangor, Maine

Advertisements on the page above:
  • Fred T. Dearborn, barber, 31 Mercantile Sq. upstairs; also mentions Fred A. Dillingham, Assistant
  • E. H. Rowell, dealer in hardware, tinware, paints, oils, seeds, cement lime, hair and Poultry Supplies, Hampden, Maine
  • John T. Clark & Company, 33-35 Mercantile Sq., Bangor, Maine
Bangor, Maine [A] and Hampden, Maine [B]

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