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1886 Commencement program of Worcester County Free Institute of Industrial Science, Worcester, Massachusetts

Worcester County Free Institute of Industrial Science, Sixteenth Annual Commencement, Thursday, July 1, 1886.   

This Institute, founded in 1865 at Worcester, Massachusetts and one of the first engineering and technology universities in the United States, is now known as Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Examining Committee:
Walter U. Barnes, B. S., Littleton
James C. Bayles, C. E., New York City
Prof. A. S. Hardy, Ph.D., Hanover, New Hampshire
Prof. E. P. Harris, Ph.D., Amherst
Stephen Holman, Esq., Worcester
John F. Kyes, B. S., Worcester
Edward F. Tolman, B. S., Worcester

Department of Chemistry
African Iron, Thomas F. Mitchell
The Analysis of Worcester Water, Frank B. Rice

Department of Civil Engineering
The New Croton Aqueduct, Walter F. Brooks
Design for a High Masonry Dam, Hamilton J. Chapman
The Disposal of Worcester Sewage, H. Clifford Hawks
Design of a Roof Truss, Charles F. Hunt
Rapid Transit and Elevated Railroads, Norman Marshall
The Flow of Water Over Weirs, John C. Miller
Induction Telegraphy, Walter E. Newbert
The Characteristic Curve of a Dynamo, Arthur F. Walker

Department of Mechanical Engineering
A Test of a Compound Engine, Clinton Alvord
Efficiency of the Royal Steam Heater, Charles A. Bennett
Investigation of a Roof Truss, Henry W. Carter
The Woolen Card, Clarence E. Cleveland
Residual Phenomena in Electrical Measurements, William E. Drake
Friction of the Straight Line Engine, Arthur B. Fairbanks
Redressed Electrical Currents, Frank Fay
The Efficiency of Lubricating Oils, Albert A. Gordon, Jr.
The Otto Gas Engine, Harry S. Green
Comparison of Alloys for Journal Bearings, Frank A. Higgins
The Weston Dynamo, Charles W. Higley
Air Compressors, William S. Morehouse
Hydraulic Elevators, William H. Oakes
The Potash Battery, Amzi T. Rogers
Triple Expansion Engines, Harry B. Sawyer
Design and Construction of a Transmission       Dynamometer, N. Austin Smithwick
Efficiency Test of a Dynamo, Edward G. Watkins
Electric Hammer, Walter G. Wesson
Triple Expansion Pumping Engine, Leon A. Whitney

Rev. Calvin Stebbins, Prayer
Birdsey G. Northrop, LL.D., Address
Arthur F. Walker, Valedictory Address

Class of 1886
Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science

Department of Chemistry
William O. Emery, Manchester, New Hampshire
Thomas F. Mitchell, Worcester
Frank B. Rice, Worcester
Robert C. Sweetser, Worcester

Department of Civil Engineering
Walter F. Brooks, Rutland
Hamilton J. Chapman, Franklin
H. Clifford Hawks, Deerfield
Charles F. Hunt, Granby
Norman Marshall, Still River
John C. Miller, Gardner
Walter E. Newbert, Fitchburg
Arthur F. Walker, Hopedale

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Clinton Alvord, Northampton
Charles A. Bennett, Holden
Henry W. Carter, Chicago
Clarence E. Cleveland, Worcester
William E. Drake, Worcester
Arthur B. Fairbanks Fitchburg
Frank Fay, Chester
Albert A. Gordon, Jr., Worcester
Henry S. Green, Spencer
Frank A. Higgins, Manchester, New Hampshire
Charles W. Higley, Becket
William S. Morehouse, Fairfield, Connecticut
William H. Oakes, Fitchburg
Amzi T. Rogers, Danbury, Connecticut
Harry B. Sawyer, Bath, Maine
N. Austin Smithwick, New Castle, Maine
Edward G. Watkins, Gardner
Walter G. Wesson, Worcester
Leon A. Whitney, Westminster  [See blog post on Leon Augustine Whitney]

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