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1876 GAR program for Major How Encampment, Post 47, Haverhill, Massachusetts

Sheet approx. 8-3/4" x 11", folded, in rough shape.

To the Memory of
Our Country's Defenders
These Services are Dedicated

Maj. How Encampment, Post 47
Grand Army of the Republic
Haverhill, Massachusetts, May 30, 1876

Names on the page above:

East Parish
Stephen C. Adams
J. Ingersoll Jaques
Henry A. Hoyt
Robert Evans
C. K. Knowles
Charles Ramsay
John F. Fowler
Willard K. George
Andrew F. Chaples
Augustus S. Chase

West Parish
Warren Haseltine
James W. Morse
Isaac H. Roberts
George I. Webster
William F. Webster
Thomas H. Simington
John C. Chapman

North Parish
Hiram Carleton
Warren Clough
Joseph Williams

Patrick Ryan
John Shea
Patrick Dignan
Patrick Follen
Thomas Smith
Thomas Prindable
Patrick Connors
Dennis Murphy
Hugh Mulhern
Richard Neagle
David Neagle
James Tate
Peter Snea [Peter Shea?]
___ Noonan
James Powers
John Campbell
Barney Smith

Rev. Mr. Drew
Rev. Mr. Williams

Hilldale Cemetery
Graves to be Decorated:

Isaac Foster
Charles W. Hammons
John M. Pierce
D. S. Palmer
John W. Stewart
George A. Young
Willie C. Hoyt
Thomas Walton
Thomas P. Rich
John G. Priest
Lyman P. Bromley
William O. Davidson
Henry O. George
W. H. Hurd
Benjamin Page
George F. Palmer
John Silver
Joseph T. Hoyt
August W. Dresser
George W. Bickford
Horsefall Dewhirst
George W. Ellis
Andrew . Harward
Henry B. Livingston
Edgar B. Page
E. H. Richardson
Thomas B. Simonds
Charles P. Goss
V. L. Towle
Israel Foster
John Frye
George W. Eaton
Charles G. Bowles
William Downing
Robert Frink
John L. Hoyt
W. H. Noyes
Thomas Dias
P. Laurence Hoyt
____ Colby
____ Whittier
Arthur West
William Church
Aaron Emery
John Chein
Joseph E. Smith
Charles H. Hill
Isaac A. Boynton
Henry Palmer
John D. Runnells
John M. Stevens
Henry W. Jaques
George H. Brown
____  Adams
Oliver Haddock
F. J. Brown

Names on the page above:

Bradford Cemetery
Decoration of graves

Edward M. Walton
Daniel F. Webster
James J. Eaton
Samuel H. Jenkins
Joseph Myers
Noah C. Hodge
David Heckman
Charles H. Stewart
William Parker
Charles W. Bickum
Lieut. John Mills
Lieut. William Z. Walker
Lieut. J. Warren Day
Sergt. Charles S. Pearsons
Sergt. L. W. Phillips
Corp. John S. Kimball
Granville R. Kimball
Frederick W. Poor
James G. West
James Buswell
Frank H. Jenkins
Thomas W. Colby
Moses Dresser
James F. Hodgdon
Albert M. Brown
Nathaniel Ordway
John Fletcher
Charles H. Kimball
Francis Holt
George Heath [cannot read his middle initial due to pinhole]
Joseph H. Walton

Mayor Jenness
Rev. Mr. Burns

Linwood Cemetery
Decoration of the Graves:

Patrick McCoy
Charles Johnson
E. H. Spinney
A. S. Parmalee
George A. Steele
Charles G. Canney
Charles P. Stewart
William Dodge
F. P. Woodcock
Noah Morrison
George A. Chapman
George C. Leonard
Willie Gordon
Benjamin Greeley
Josiah Keeley
Joseph Chase
W. Morrill
A. O. Gibson
Arthur Drew
N. F. Smith
A. L. Gage
W. Frank Holt
H. Philbrick
Joseph S. Welch
Daniel W. Barture
Silas Butters
William Foss
Joseph A. Caswell
Samuel E. Kelley
Thomas Powell
A. B. Glines
Henry Gale
E. H. Emerson
James Cole
L. W. George
Clarence Woodman
James LeBosquet
Walter Hayden West
J. R. Emerson
Wesley Heath
William W. Colby
William Chase
Abbott L. Holt
Ancil Hanson
T. P. Barrows
Wyman Burnham
Herbert M. Drew
Howard M. Merrill
Edmond N. Merrill
Benjamin Fernald
George Davis
John Pecker
George Brickett
William H. H. Adams
Charles Leonards
H. H. Johnson
H. H. Parmalee
Harry Sargent
George Sargent
W. J. M. Steele

Names on the page above:

Rev. Mr. Millen
Adjt. Alden
Rev. Mr. Rand
Gen. A. B. Underwood

Map of Haverhill, Massachusetts

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  1. I have an ordinary, Elgin coin silver watch but has an inscription unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

    The inscription is:

    Outer lid - GAR (fancy script, which stands for Grand Army of the Republic)

    Inner Lid – (this is what has my attention):

    June 20th 93 (which certainly mean 1893)
    Major How
    Post 47
    Haverhill Mass

    The watch is in good shape and works fine. As watches go, this one isn’t particularly a valuable piece. But, the inscription is remarkable and obviously has a story.

    What I would like to learn about is who Major How may have been and his history. I would really like to learn his story, possibly know if his family still exists and possibly know who they are. Anything I can learn would be appreciated. Obviously, privacy is essential and I wouldn’t wish to step any toes.


    Joseph Carroll

  2. On (available at most libraries or Family History Centers at LDS Church, if you don't have a subscription), I found a Henry Jackson How, born October 22, 1835; enlisted 1861; died as a Major at Glendale, Virginia, on June 30, 1862. He was well known and regarded in Haverhill and seems a good prospect for the man the post was named after. Read more about him here:

    You have quite the treasure there! Not sure what DI stands for - or to whom the watch was presented.