Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Snapshot of 11 People, some IDed: George, Helen & Minnie Fisch; Ivar & Hild Olson; Elsie Schuster, Henry Swanson

Snapshot of eleven people, with seven of them identified.  The person writing the partial identification mentions a Francis, or possibly Frances.

Francis would recognize all in this picture. You would know some.

The names below might be in random order.
  • Ivar Olson
  • Elsie Schuster
  • Minnie Fisch
  • Helen Fisch
  • Henry Swanson
  • George Fisch
  • Hild Olson
Although searching brings up a possible cluster of these names in Chicago, Illinois, it's best to hope that a knowledgeable reader will recognize all of the names, and, even better, the faces, and, even better than that, the four unidentified people.

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