Saturday, August 27, 2022

7 Related Early 1900s Photographs: Nantucket, Sailing, Sanitorium & Staff, possibly in Massachusetts

Seven presumably related early 1900s photographs, purchased together in a booth at an antique mall some years ago. 

Five of the photographs appear to show rooms and staff from a hospital or sanitorium, perhaps in Massachusetts. One photograph shows Nantucket village from the Steamer Gay Head; another shows a family enjoying a sail.

Sadly, no one in the photograph at top is identified.  

The photographs all have the same marking on the reverse, showing they came from the same seller.   Below is the reverse of a photograph of Nantucket, the only one with any identification; you can also see the seller' mark.

The photographs:
  • the image shown at top, an oval about 5-1/4" by nearly 4", showing 17 medical staff at, perhaps, a sanitorium in Massachusetts; 15 nurses, a matron and a young man who might be a doctor, nurse or orderly.
  • photograph, about 5" by nearly 4",  of a cozy room with beds, table, wheelchair and large wood burner
  • a blurry photograph, about 5" by nearly 4",  of a room with multiple beds and a woman sitting at left; some of the beds are occupied
  • photograph, about 6" by nearly 4", of a nurse in a room with several beds, at least two occupied
  • photograph, about 6" by nearly 4", of a nurse in an examining or operating room
  • photograph, about 4" by 3-3/4", taken from the Steamer Gay Head while off Nantucket, showing vessels at anchor, wharves, a smoke stack at left, many buildings and a church on higher ground
  • a photograph, about 3-1/2" square, of what appears to be a family enjoying a sail on a schooner, with a man in uniform steering

If you have a theory as to the identifications of any of the scenes or people, please leave a comment for the benefit of other family historians.

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