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Baby Book of Edward Hellwig Wagner (1902-1982), California Native; would like to Reunite with Family

Baby book of Edward Hellwig Wagner (1902-1982)

This is a guest post, from a person who has come into possession of this wonderful book and would very much like to see it returned to the Wagner family.  Write to the email address in the right margin under Inquiries, and your email will be passed along.

The baby of the book is Edward Hellwig Wagner. He has an established FamilySearch page. I will add a link at the end here. The family lived in San Joaquin, California. According to the FamilySearch page, the family had immigrated a couple generations prior to California from Germany. This book contains names of family, places they lived, and just a lot of details that give this family history some texture. 

I don’t need this book. It does not to pertain to me or any of my research. I am so very happy to pass it on to anyone researching this family. 

The tree on Family Search 

More on Edward, who grew up in Stockton and graduated from Stockton High School. 

Edward Hellwig Wagner (1902-1982)

  • Born 7 February 1902 in Stockton, California, to Edward Charles Wagner (1869-1940) and Helen Augusta (Hellwig) Wagner (1873-1951), "Nellie.
  • 1910 - at home in Stockton, California, with his parents
  • 1920 Census, at home in Stockton, California, with his parents
  • The 1930 Census, at home in Stockton, California, with his parents, working as an assistant manager at an investment firm. 
  • The 1940 Census , at home in Stockton, California, with his parents; manager of an airport in or around Stockton. 
  • His World War II draft card shows that he was living on his own in Carson City, Nevada, and working for Pathfinder Flying Services.  
  • By 1950 he was ranching in Garberville, California and living with his widowed mother.
  • Death - 1982

If you are a member of this Wagner family, please make the connection or share to a Wagner family member.

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