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1898-1905 Journal of the Methodist Episcopal "Sociable" Club at Pembroke, Maine

1898-1905 journal of the Methodist Episcopal "Sociable" at Pembroke, Maine.  There was a reference to the Iron Works Church, so this organization may have been associated with that church, though there was at least one other in the town.  Read more about the Iron Works here.

See an earlier journal that covers the years 1892-1898 here.  More journals in the set are from 1892 to 1926.

Found at the end of this post:
  • an alphabetical surname list
  • an alphabetical list of names found within the journal, many repeated dozens of times; corrections welcome!
  • images of all pages in the album

The journal, one of several found, measures approximately 8-1/2" by 7".  It was kept by several of the members serving terms as secretary, with varying handwriting and spelling.  If you notice errors, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Two pages contain the by-laws and two others list the members:  [Click on an image to enlarge it.]

Members, shown above, and listed below as they appear, not in alphabetical order:

Mrs. Robert Clark
Mrs. Mathew Pulk
Mrs. Henry Ransom
Mrs. Robert Sherrard
Mrs. David Wright
Mrs. Joseph Lindsey
Mrs. John Dudley
Mrs. John Dean
Mrs. James Holman
Mrs. Fred Wilder
Mrs. David Wright, Jr.
Mrs. Charles Strail
Mrs. Cassius Porter
Mrs. Maquary; presumably McQuarrie
Mrs. Burns
Mrs. Babcock.  Died
Mrs. John Porter
Mr. Lyman Smith
Mr. Lyman Smith (perhaps a Jr.)
Mrs. James Davis
Mrs. Herbert Sprague
Mrs. Herbert Reynolds
Mrs. I. S. Lowe;  Mrs. Irving S. Lowe
Mrs. Ren Campbell; perhaps Mrs. Reynold Campbell
Mrs. B. A. Campbell
Mrs. George Hobart
Mrs. W. T. Hobart
Mrs. Joseph Rogers
Mrs. C. R. Gardner
Mrs. Ezra Pattingall
Mrs. Emery Little
Mr. Doon Gardner
Miss Annie Mahar
Mrs. Charles Wright
Miss Stelle Lowe
Mrs. Alfred Hume
Mrs. Henry Bridges
Mrs. Alice Ollson
Mrs. B. A. Carter
Mrs. Edward Brown
Mrs. Fred Clark
Mrs. Lucius Smith
Mrs. Frank Harris
Mrs. Charles Polk

Surnames in the Journal

BBabcockHH ?OOllsonTTrott
BartlettHarrisPPattangall [2]VVarney
BridgesHobart [2]PearsonWWilder
BrownHolmanPolk or PulkWright [6]
BurnsHumePorter [3]
CCampbell [3]KKingPulk
Carson [3]LLaughlinRRansom
Carter [2]LincolnReynolds [3]
Clark [7]LindseyRogers [2]
CrockerLowe [2]SS ?
Dean [2]MMaharSmith [6]
DudleyMcPhail ?Snow
GGahanMcQuarrie ?Sprague
Gardner [2]MinerSprague
Giles [2]Moore [2]Strail

Names Mentioned in the Journal - many appear dozens of times; given names within a specific surname might not be in alphabetical order.
  • Mrs. Babcock.  Died
  • Mrs. Bartlett
  • Mrs. Henry Bridges
  • Mrs. Edward Brown
  • Mrs. Burns
  • Mrs. Ren Campbell; perhaps Mrs. Reynold Campbell
  • Mrs. B. A. Campbell
  • Mrs. A. Campbell
  • Mr. Carson
  • Mrs. Carson
  • Samuel Carson; hosted picnic at his farm on Boyden Lake
  • Mrs. B. A. Carter
  • Rev. A. B. Carter or B. A. Carter
  • Mrs. Robert Clark
  • Mrs. Fred Clark
  • Mr. Clark
  • Mrs. Robert Clark
  • Mrs. Frank Clark
  • Mrs. R. C. Clark
  • Charles Clark; the Nov. 23, 1905 mtg was canceled due to his death
  • A. B. Coggins
  • Mrs. Crocker
  • Mrs. James Davis
  • Mrs. John Dean
  • Mabel Dean
  • Mrs. John Dudley
  • Mr. Gahan, presumably the pastor until 1899, and wife
  • Mrs. C. R. Gardner
  • Mr. Doon Gardner
  • Annie Giles
  • Osmer M. Gillis, born March 6, 1905.  Osmer Merrill Gillis, son of Atkinson Gillis and Sarah (Cox) Gillis
  • Mrs. Gilpatrick
  • D. H. Hantinton [?]
  • Mrs. Frank Harris
  • Mrs. George Hobart
  • Mrs. W. T. Hobart
  • Mrs. James Holman
  • Mrs. Alfred Hume
  • Mrs. F. King
  • Mr. Laughlin
  • Mrs. Lincoln
  • Mrs. Joseph Lindsey
  • Mrs. Emery Little
  • Mrs. I. S. Lowe;  Mrs. Irving S. Lowe
  • Miss Stelle Lowe
  • Mrs. Lurchin
  • Miss Annie Mahar
  • Miss McFall; possibly McPhail
  • Mrs. Maquary; presumably McQuarrie
  • Willie Miner
  • Mr. Moore, new pastor as of May 3, 1899
  • Mrs. Moore
  • Mrs. Alice Ollson
  • Mrs. Ezra Pattingall
  • Mrs. Ed Pattangall
  • Rev. N. R. Pearson
  • Mrs. Charles Polk; might be Mrs. Charles Pulk
  • Mrs. Cassius Porter
  • Mrs. John Porter
  • Miss Blanch Porter
  • Mrs. Mathew Pulk
  • Mrs. Henry Ransom
  • Mrs. Herbert Reynolds
  • Simeon Reynolds
  • Mr. L. Reynolds
  • Mrs. Joseph Rogers
  • Mrs. Barnard Rogers; sometimes written as Bernard Rogers
  • Mrs. Ross
  • Ernest ?, possibly Stevens or S?
  • Mrs. Robert Sherrard
  • Mr. Lyman Smith
  • Mr. Lyman Smith (perhaps a Jr.)
  • Mrs. Lucius Smith
  • Mrs. Buther Smith  [?]; possibly Bertha Smith ?
  • Rev. E. M. Smith
  • Bertha Smith
  • Mr. Snow of Boston
  • Mrs. Herbert Sprague
  • Mrs. H. B. Sprague; perhaps Mrs. Herbert Sprague
  • Mrs. Charles Strail
  • Mrs. Jennie Strail
  • Mrs. Thomas Trott
  • Miss Julia Varney
  • Mrs. Fred Wilder
  • Mrs. David Wright
  • Mrs. David Wright, Jr.
  • Mrs. Charles Wright
  • Mrs. Jane Wright
  • J. C. Wright
  • Miss Estella Wright, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Wright

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