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1892-1898 Journal of the Methodist Episcopal Sociable at Pembroke, Maine

1898-1905 journal of the Methodist Episcopal "Sociable" at Pembroke, Maine.  There was a reference to the Iron Works Church, so this organization may have been associated with that church, though there was at least one other in the town.  Read more about the Iron Works here.

See the next journal in succession, covering the years 1898 to 1905.  More journals are available, from 1892 to 1926.

Found at the end of this post:
  • an alphabetical surname list
  • an alphabetical list of names found within the journal, many repeated dozens of times; corrections welcome!
  • images of all pages in the album

The journal, one of several found, measures approximately 8-1/4" by 7".  It was kept by several of the members serving terms as secretary, with varying handwriting and spelling.  If you notice errors, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

One page consists of the names of members.  [Click on any image to enlarge it.]

Members shown above, in the order they appear.  For an alphabetized list, see farther below; it may include some given names of members or those of their husbands.
  • Mrs. Pulk
  • Mrs. Ransom
  • Mrs. Sherrard
  • Mrs. Clark
  • Mrs. Wright
  • Mrs. Lindsay
  • Mrs. Dudley
  • Mrs. Dean
  • Mrs. Holman
  • Mrs. Wilder
  • Mrs. D. Wright
  • Jennie Strail
  • Mrs. Porter
  • Mrs. McQuary or perhaps McQuarrie
  • Mrs. Burns
  • Mrs. Babcock
  • Mrs. J. Porter
  • Lyman Smith
  • Mrs. Smith
  • Mrs. Davis
Constitution and By-Laws:

Surnames in the Journal  - Some may be variant names for the same people

AAllen [2]DDavisLLaughlinRRansom [2]
BBabcockDean [2]LindsayReynolds [2]
BaldwinDennysville LumberLittle [2]Rogers [3]
BoydenDudley [3]LurchinSSherrard
Bridges [3]GGahan [2]MM ? [2]Smith [2]
BuckGiles or GillisMcInnesStrail
CCampbell [2]HHatchMolzWadsworth's (Ship Chandlery, Eastport, Maine)
CapenHayesOOwenWilder [3]
CarsonHersey [4]PPattangall [2]Wright [4]
ClarkHobart [2]PorterYYoung
Hobart's StorePorter [4]
HolmanPulk [2]

Names in the Journal - Some may be variant names for the same people
  • Lizzie Allen
  • Fannie Allen
  • Mrs. Babcock
  • Gertie Baldwin
  • Grizelda Boyden
  • Willy Bridges
  • Charles Bridges
  • Mrs. Henry Bridges
  • Mrs. Brown
  • Mr. Buck
  • Mrs. Burns
  • Mrs. Emma Campbell
  • Mrs. B. A. Campbell
  • Mrs. Capen
  • Mrs. Carson
  • Mrs. Robert Clark
  • Mrs. James Davis
  • Mrs. John Dean
  • Minna Dean
  • Dennysville Lumber
  • Mrs. John Dudley
  • John Dudley
  • Mrs. Vic Dudley
  • Mr. Gahan, minister
  • Mrs. Gahan
  • Mrs. Calvin Gardner
  • Emma Giles or Gillis
  • Mr. J. Gillis
  • Mrs. George K. Hatch                  
  • Mr. Hayes
  • Sanford Hersey
  • Mrs. Hersey
  • Mr. Hersey
  • Mr. A. Hersey or U. Hersey
  • Mrs. George Hobart
  • Mrs. William Hobart
  • Hobart's
  • Mrs. James Holman
  • Mrs. Laughllin
  • Mrs. Joseph Lindsay
  • Mr. Little
  •  Mrs. Emma Little            
  • Mr. Lurchin
  • Mr. and Mrs. Monie [?]
  • Willie M ?
  • Annie Mahar
  • Mrs. Allen McInnes
  • Mrs. McQuarry or McQuarrie
  • Mrs. Emma Molz
  • Mrs. Lou Owen
  • Mrs. Ezra H. Pattangall
  • Mrs. Edwin Pattangall
  • Mrs. John Porter
  • Mrs. H. Porter
  • Mrs. Cassius Porter
  • Mrs. Eva Porter
  • Mrs. C. Porter
  • Mrs. Pulk, written as Polk
  • Mrs. Matthew Pulk
  • Mrs. Laura Ransom, wife of Henry Ransom, "Harry"
  • Helen Ransom
  • Reynolds
  • Mrs. Bert Reynolds
  • Mrs. Rogers
  • Miss B. Rogers
  • Mrs. Bernard Rogers
  • Mrs. Sherrard
  • Lyman Smith
  • Mrs. Smith
  • Mrs. E. H. Sprague 
  • Jennie Strail; Mrs. Charles Strail
  • Mrs. Eliza Wadsworth
  • Wadsworth's (presumably the Ship-Chandlery at Eastport, Maine)
  • Mrs. Fred Wilder
  • E. Wilder & Son
  • Mrs. Seddie Wilder
  • Mrs. Charles Wright
  • Mrs. David Wright, Jr.
  • Mrs. David Wright
  • Mrs. Jane Wright
  • Rev. O. S. Young
See all of the pages here - use full-screen and stop action to read.


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    1. It may actually be "Polk" I'm a Polk from Calais Maine and Pembroke isn't too far off. There are the POLK's and the PULK's

  2. My Great Grandmother and my great great Grandfather's second wife are listed here!

    1. Thank you for commenting - this is why I love to feature these gems of the past!