Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Autograph Album of Susie, with signatures from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Massachusetts

Small autograph album from the 1880s, owned by Susie, whose surname is not given.  Sadly, most signers did not give their residence.  Those who did listed Portland, Saint John, New Brunswick; Lynn, Massachusetts; and Annapolis, Nova Scotia.

Complete list of signers, in alphabetical order:

M. Clerke
W. Fanjoy
C. Graham
M. C. Graham, or M. E. Graham
Jessie Hilyard of Portland, Saint John, New Brunswick - middle initial is W. or M.
L. M. Logan
Mabel - possibly Fanjoy, as her page is opposite the page signed by W. Fanjoy
Edd C. Macomber of Lynn, Massachusetts
L. Marsh
G. Munro of Annapolis, Nova Scotia
S. M. Munro

Images, in page order:

Saint John, New Brunswick: Portland is the North End of Saint John

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Annapolis, Nova Scotia:

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Lynn, Massachusetts:

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  1. Thanks for the work in trying to reunite family heirlooms with descendants of the original owner. I'm a recipient of a family heirloom which was recovered. Although the family heirloom was not reunited with me through this website I always take the time to thank those I find out there doing this type of work.

    In my case, I was reunited with a 19th century photo album. It has a lot of pictures, but most are unidentified. I've been able to identify a few, but not nearly all.

    Regards, Jim
    Hidden Genealogy Nuggets

  2. Thanks for the validation, Jim! As to the album, you might want to check with Google Images, in the hopes that someone has uploaded similar photos, with IDs, in the past. Worth a shot.