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Family Bible of Charles D. and Sabrina (Murray) Snow of Lowville, New York and Iowa

Family Bible of Charles Drake Snow and wife Sabrina (Murray) Snow of Lowville, New York and Iowa.  

The Bible contains four pages of handwritten entries and a few mementos, scanned below.   There are birth, marriage and death dates for Charles and Sabrina and their children and 3 grandchildren.  

One page contains entries for the Jonathan and Alice (Hopkins) Rounds family, whose son John married Jane Murray Snow, daughter of Charles and Sabrina.

Inside front cover:

A page of marriages:

Charles D. Snow to Sabrina Murray, 12 December 1819
John Rounds to Jane Snow, 1 January 1843
W. B. Rich to Jane Rounds
Norman M. Snow to Louisa Trumbower [Interestingly, I found a Louisa Trumbower Murray married to a Norman Murray.  There's a death certificate for Louisa Murray.  I wonder if Norman Murray Snow changed his name to Norman Murray?]
Maria A. Snow [Marie Antoinette Snow] to Thomas Ennis
Maria A. Ennis to Hezekiah Monroe
C. E. Snow to Mary D. Norris
C. E. Snow to Sarah M. Matthews, 27 December 1859

A page of births:

Charles D. Snow, 29 November 1796
Sabrina Murray, 9 April 1802
Alonso Snow, 18 October 1820
Jane Snow, 24 December 1821
Norman M. Snow, 17 November 1824
Marie A. Snow, 14 December 1826 [changed at some point to 17 December 1827, whether correctly or not]
Edwin Snow, 31 August 1828
Frances E. Rounds, 25 November 1846
Frederick E. Rounds, 5 October 1849
Ada Rounds, 1 November 1852

A page with entries for the family of Jonathan and Alice (Hopkins) Rounds:

Jonathan Rounds, 11 April 1782
Alice Rounds, 3 September 1783
George Rounds, 16 December 1803
Laura Rounds, 2 December 1805
Levalla Rounds or Sevalla Rounds, 8 October 1807
Lucinda Rounds, 22 February 1812
Olney Rounds, 1 January 1815
John Rounds, 6 September 1816
Mary Rounds, 17 February 1821
William Rounds, 9 April 1923
Florilla Rounds, 16 January 1825
Sarah Rounds, [?] 16, 1827


Sabrina Snow, January 1867 [the last digit might have been 9, but was struck over with a 7]
George Rounds, not known
Laura Rounds
Jonathan Rounds
William Rounds, 21 March 1858
Mary Rounds, July 1860
John Rounds, May 20, 1861
Ada Rounds, 25 August 1861

A page of deaths, added later, I think, and perhaps subject to errors:

Sabrina Snow, January 1867
Jane Rich, July 1887
Maria A. Monroe, January 1888
Charles D. Snow, in the year 1886
Alonzo Snow, in the year 1845
Norman Snow, not known

There are several pages with clovers:

And an interesting leaf was enclosed within another set of pages:

Inside back cover:


The Bible gives no locations for any of these events above, but from online sources, I see that the family in Lowville, New York. One online source reveals that Charles Drake Snow and wife Sabrina (Murray) Snow subsequently moved to Iowa; Sabrina died at Keokuk, Iowa in 1867.

If you have any additional or conflicting information on the Snow and Rounds families, please leave a comment.  

Lowville, New York:

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Keokuk, Iowa:

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  2. I wonder if this could be the same George Rounds mentioned above

    ROUNDS, GEORGE (1805–1855). George Rounds, soldier and philanthropist, was born in New York about 1805, moved to Texas by 1836, and settled at Velasco. During the Texas Revolution he served in Colonel James W. Fannin's regiment, but escaped the Goliad Massacre when he became separated from the regiment. He was paid in a Captain Wadsworth's company from December 22, 1835, to September 22, 1836. By 1850 Rounds may have been a mailman on a Brazos riverboat. For a time he boarded with Ammon Underwood. On February 1, 1852, he purchased land in East Columbia where the Old Tavern grocery was later built. He died on September 13, 1855, in that community, leaving neither descendants nor heirs. Rounds's will awarded his estate for the purpose of "educating the poor and orphan children in the community," who received an added benefit when subsequent discovery of oil and gas on his property in the 1930s increased the value of the estate.

    BIBLIOGRAPHY: Harbert Davenport, Notes from an Unfinished Study of Fannin and His Men (MS, Harbert Davenport Collection, Texas State Library, Austin; Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin).

    Diana J. Kleiner Who
    See related articles by:

    Diana J. Kleiner, "ROUNDS, GEORGE," Handbook of Texas Online Published by the Texas State Historical Association.

  3. Sorry, Anonymous, I missed your July comment. This Bible is in my possession, purchased via eBay some time ago. If you are interested, please look for my email address on the margin near the top.

  4. Anonymous of October: Wow, that would be an interesting connection - what an eventful life! Wonder if Captain Wadsworth was related to the Maine Wadsworths... It seems that a lot of Maine folks went to Texas. Thanks for taking the time to add this information.