Monday, February 13, 2012

RPPC of young Raymond W. French of Massachusetts and Maine

1921 Real Photo Postcard of a young boy identified on reverse as Raymond W. French at age 1 year and 6 months.

From online research, hopefully correct, Raymond W. French was born at Lowell, Massachusetts on 21 June 1921, the son of Ralph H. and Ida B. (Wallace) French, born in Pennsylvania and at Jonesport, Maine, respectively.  

Ralph was a brakeman for the railroad at Lowell.  Later, he and his family moved back to Ida's hometown of Jonesport, where he worked as a lobster fisherman

On 10 August 1940, Raymond married Linnie L. Openshaw of Jonesport.  He died in 1971 at Hancock, Maine.  

If you have any corrections or insights regarding the information provided here, please leave a comment.

Lowell, Massachusetts:

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Jonesport, Maine:

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Hancock, Maine:

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