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Harold V. Jewett, Calais, Maine: Vintage Campaign Blotter Memento

Vintage blotter from the campaign of Harold V. Jewett of Calais, Maine, for Washington County Attorney.

Harold Vernon Jewett was born 7 December 1903 at Calais, Maine, the son of Reed Vernon Jewett and wife Alice M. (Burbank) Jewett, born in Calais, Maine, and Moores Mills, New Brunswick, respectively.

His paternal grandparents were William A. and Rachel E. (Allen) Jewett of New Brunswick.  His maternal grandparents were Henry J. and Sarah A. (Smith) Burbank, born in Cooper, Maine, and Machias, Maine, respectively.

Harold Vernon Jewett followed his father in the practice of law.

On 14 May 1935 at Calais, Maine, Harold married Martha A. Boobar.  She was born in Minnesota to Maine natives Amasa Clair Boobar and Emma M. (Reilly) Boobar, born in Orrington and Calais respectively.

Her paternal grandparents were Amasa Snow Boobar and Abigail M. (Woodbury) Boobar.  Her maternal grandparents were Robert and Mary Dorothy "Dolley" (Morrison) Reilly.

Harold and Martha Jewett raised their family at Calais, Maine, where Harold practiced law and was engaged in municipal and county business.  His obituary lists many of his accomplishments.

Reverse of the Blotter:

Map of Calais, Maine: [Calais is on the St. Croix River, which forms part of the border between Maine and New Brunswick.]

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