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1911 Program at Memorial Opera House, Eastport, Maine, by St. Joseph's Catholic Choir

1911 Program, with many names of participants

Memorial Opera House, Eastport
Thursday, February 2, 1911
Grand Production of the Operetta
A Nautical Knot or The Belle of Barnstapoole

Presented under the Auspices of
St. Joseph's Catholic Choir
Miss Annie V. MacNichol, Director

Ads on this page include:
B. F. Milliken & Son
A. W. Beckett, Confectioner, Water Street
Hinkley Shoe Store, water Street
Rumery Brothers, Clothing, Water Street

Rexall Drug Store, Havey & Wilson
S. B. Hume & Son, Central Wharf, Eastport
Rayo Nickel Lamp, sold by Godfrey & Loring
L. M. & O. B. Whalen, Whalen Block, Water Street, Eastport
W. C. Beale, 95 Water Street, Eastport, Maine

Charles M. Buxton
John H. McFaul, Attorney, 62 Water St., Eastport, Maine
Bradish Insurance Agency
Eastport Steam Laundry, Hanson & Martyn, Proprietors
New Grocery Store, Watson & Mitchell, Water Street, opposite Post Office
Frazier Photography, Washington Street, Eastport

Wilbor A. Shea, Fire Insurance, Water Street, Eastport, Maine
Eastport Fruit Store, A. Conti, Proprietor
Eastport Electric Light Company, 99 Water Street

Fred A. Holmes, Boots, Shoes and Clothing, 48 and 50 Water Street, Eastport, Maine
Mrs. E. C. Bradish, Millinery, 40 Water Street
S. H. Wood, Ladies' Suits, Coats, Skirts etc., Corner Water and Washington Sts
Mary MacNichol Kelley, Millinery, opposite Post Office

Eastport Dry Goods Company
Cast of Characters
Julia, the haughty Belle o Barnstapoole...Mrs. D. E. Kelley
Nancy, her friend, a gentle damsel...Miss Elizabeth Baker
Dora, Barnstapoole Girl...Miss Maud A. Kelley
Delia, Barnstapoole Girl...Miss Mary Carr
Daisy, Barnstapoole GIrl...Miss Teresa Whalen
Barnabas Lee, a wandering artist...D. Ambrose Frost
Joe Stout, the mate of the "Bounding Billow"...W. S. Alexander
Bill Salt, an ancient mariner, boatswain of the "Bounding Billow"...David C. MacNichol
Jack Brace, Sailor on board the "Bounding Billow"...Ralph W. Bradish
Ned Bluff, Sailor on board the "Bounding Billow"...Leonard G. Clark
Jim Spray, Sailor on board the "Bounding Billow"...Clifton Dow
Barnstapoole Girls, Artists and Sailors
TIME: Present            SCENE: Barnstapoole Quay
ACT I - A Smmer Afternoon    ACT II - One year later
Hutchison, Agent for Kodak, Brownies and Supplies 

Palmer Brothers, Drugs, Stationery, Chocolates, Water St, Eastport, Maine
Bibber's Dry Goods Store, F. A. Coburn, Proprietor
Exchange Hotel, Boynton Street, Eastport, Maine
E. S. Martin & Son Co., Groceries, Stoes, Tinware, 73 Water St
Cherry's new Wall Papers
Bradish Bakery, Jelly Rolls, Water St

Bucknam and Colwell, Ladies, Men's & Boys' Suits
Barnstapoole Girls
Alice Creary
Della Follis
Mrs. Teresa Fish
Mazie Gilligan
Annie Murphy
Tina Gilligan
Mary McGraw
Susie Kelley
Alice Gilligan
Mrs. D. C. MacNichol
Mrs. D. P. Goulding
Rose Rutherford
Margaret Thorpe
Hazel Lambert
Margaret Goulding
Martha Murphy
Alma Parker
Beatrice McDonald
Nellie McElwee
Helen Parker
Gladys Skidds
Hutchison's Drug Store for Stationery Needs
Thomas Calder
Peter Deignan
Will A. Murphy
Shirley Llewellyn
Jack Neary
Harry Thorpe
J. Fred Hamilton
Daniel E. Kelley
Leo T. Creary
Eugene Cassidy
Fulvio Ciummei
John Murphy
George Sexton
Louis White
Bernard Rutherford
Daniel McPhee

Pike & Kilby Co., Teas and Coffees, Water St.
Brown's News Store, Cigars, Pipes, Tobacco, Opposite Post Office, Eastport, Maine
Roche's Optical Annex
Over J. R. Roche & Co.'s Store, 70 Water Street
J. A. Ferris & Son, High Grade Furniture

G. W. Capen Corp, Wall Papers
S. L. Wadsworth & Son, Agts for Kyanize
ACT I. Julia, the haughty belle of Barnstapoole, is as proud as she is beautiful.  All the sailor lads are hopelessly in love with her, but she scorns them all.  On the eve of the depature of the "Bounding Billow" for a year's voyage, Barnabas Lee, a wandering artist, comes to town and falls in love with Julia, who returns his affection.  The sailor lads, driven to despair by their rival's success, plan to kidnap Barnabas, stow him aboard the "Bounding Billow" and carry him to sea.  They are successful in their scheme and the townsfolk returning from seeing the ship sail, announce to Julia that Barnabas was on board her.

In the meantime, Nancy - a gentle damsel - is loved by Joe Stout.  Joe is as bashful as he is honest, and fearing a repulse he induces Bill Salt to propose to Nance in his name.  Bill promises to perform the task, but unfortunately he meets Julia first, and thinking her the object of Joe's affections, delivers the bashful suitor's message to her.

Julia is a great believer in the old saying "One in hand is better far than two in the bushes are".  She tells Bill to bid his friend try his luck a year hence.  Bill, delighted at his supposed success, seeks Joe and informs him of the result, only to learn of the sad mistake he has made.  The whistle sounds from the ship "All Aboard", and poor Jim is obliged to sail without seeing his sweetheart Nance.

Julia tells Nance of Joe's love for her and Nance is heartbroken.  The Barnstapoole girls, having quarreled with the sailors, pretend indifference at their departure.

ACT II.  takes place one year hence.  The townsfolk are waiting on the quay for the return of the "Bounding Billow".  The Barnstapoole girls meeting a party of artists down from town for the day, take a malicious pleasure in going to welcome back the "Bounding Billow" accompanied by the artists.  The sailors who during their long absence from home had quite recovered from their love for Julia, are much chagrined to find that the Barnstapoole girls are apparently quite indifferent to their return.  Even Julia will not speak to them.

Bill Salt has the unpleasant duty of explaining his mistake to Julia and offering himself in Joe's place.  Julia at first spurns him indignantly, but afterward accepts him.  The happy return of Barnabas Lee releases Bill Salt from the noose he had cast about his own neck.  Joe soon finds Nance and explains the situation to her.  The artists return to town and the sailors and girls become reconciled.  The scene ends with the promise of many happy weddings in the near future.

E. F. Hefron, Dealer in Ranges, Furnaces, 51 Water St
William G. Low, Groceries, Provisions, Water St, Eastport, Me.
R. A. Burr, Jewelry & Watch Repairing, Water St, Eastport
A. W. Bishop, Grocer
Byron N. Andrews, Druggist
Bibber & Flagg, Carpets, Rugs, Linoleums, Etc., off Water St, Eastport, Me.
Broad Cove Farm, Pure Milk and Cream

Capen's Drug Store, 88 Water St, Eastport, Maine
Members of the Orchestra
Miss Edith Gardner, 1st Violin
A. Conti, Cello
Fred Russell, 2nd Violin
Abe Lodge, Clarinet
Fred W. MacGregor, Flute
Simeon A. Frost, 1st Cornet
W. H. MacNichol, Trombone
Fred Leighton, 2nd Cornet
Arthur LeSuer, Drum
Miss Corinne Jewers, Pianist
Miss Annie V. MacNichol, Conductor
Executive Staff
Manager, Leo T. Creary
Stage Manager, W. S. Alexander
Stage Effects and Properties, J. A. Muldoon

Dr. W. R. Bibber, Dentist, Water Street, Eastport, Maine
I. G. McLarren, Attorney, Office in Sharland Block, Eastport, Me.
W. F. Cleveland, M. D., Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon, office and residence at Jackson House, Washington St.
F. C. Jewett, D. D.S., Office in Whalen Block, Corner Boynton and Water Sts., Eastport
Leo D. Lamond, Attorney, Martin Block, Water Street, Eastport, Me.
L. H. Newcomb, Attorney, Office over Atwood's Market, 75 Water St., Eastport, Maine
C. O. Gardner, Livery Stable, Water St. (North End), Telephone 37-2
Elisha W. Pike, Law, Real Estate, Leavitt Block, Water St., Eastport

C. Doherty, Provisions and Groceries, 14 Adams St., Eastport
Goulding's Restaurant, Meals at All Hours, Opp Post Office, Water St., Eastport
John E. Healy, tires
Frank Murphy, Custom Tailor, Furniture Avenue
American Hand Laundry, William Tooze, Proprietor, Opp Public Library, Water St., Eastport
Reliable Machine and Die Works, General Machinists, Eastport
J. A. Greenlaw, Clothing, 60 Water Street
Mrs. Emma Fahey, Millinery and Novelties, High Street, Eastport

Gove's Cash Stores, Justin Gove, Proprietor, stores in Perry, Eastport, Calais
Frontier National Bank, Eastport, Maine, W. S. Hume, President; George H. Hayes, Cashier
Eastport Savings Bank, Eastport, Maine; L. M. Whalen, President; Charles E. Capen, Vice President; C. I. Morton, Treasurer

Map of Eastport, Maine:

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