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1880s/1890s Autograph Album of Frances Deborah Ogier of Camden, Maine

Blue velvet covered autograph album of Frances Deborah Ogier of Camden, Maine.  Her nickname was Fanny.

Frances Deborah Ogier was born or christened 12 May 1866 at Rockport, Maine, the daughter of Samuel Emery Ogier and wife Martha Ann (Heal) Ogier.

Her paternal grandparents were Robert and Mary (Trussell) Ogier of Camden, Maine.  Her maternal grandparents were John D. Heal and wife Deborah (Heal) Heal.

From what I could find in online sources, Frances Deborah Ogier never married.  She worked as a felt closer at a woolen mill and lived at Camden, Maine, either alone or with her older sister Orianna, who married Eli Tibbetts.  Frances Deborah Ogier died in 1964.

If you have any corrections, addtions or insights regarding any of the information presented here, including any misreadings of handwriting on the autograph pages, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Her sister, Vanetta E. Ogier ("Vannie") signed a page in the autograph album, under the name of Mrs. J. H. Heal.  Vannie married James H. Heal, her cousin.  He may also have signed a page in the album under the name Jamie H. Heal.

Other people with the surname Heal:

Grace Nina Heal of Camden, Maine:

Helen Annie Heal of Camden, Maine:

Silas A. Heal (or Heel) of Lincolnville, Maine:

Complete list of signers in alphabetical order:

Cora E. Cammett of Camden, Maine
J. A. Cammett of Camden, Maine
Alfred L. Coates of Wollaston, Massachusetts
F. L. Colley of Belfast, Maine [See a previous post about Fred L. Colley]
Frank H. Colley of Belfast, Maine
Flora E. Cookson of Camden, Maine
Herbert E. Coombs of Atlantic, Massachusetts
M. J. C. of New York City, Fannie's cousin
Lizzie G. Crockett of Rockland, Maine
May Cummings of New York City
H. F. Dearborn of Chelsea, Massachusetts
Lizzie J. Eastman of Camden, Maine
Mabel F. Eastman of Camden, Maine
Marietta Eastman of Camden, Maine
Marion H. Follansbee of Camden, Maine
W. H. Hanes of Belfast, Maine
Grace Nina Heal of Camden, Maine
Helen Annie Heal of Camden, Maine
Mrs. J. H. Heal of Camden, Maine (Vanetta E. Ogier)
Jamie H. Heal of Lincolnville, Maine
Silas A. Heal of Lincolnville, Maine (or Heel)
Lottie M. Keller of Chelsea, Massachusetts
James Kemp, (possibly) of Calais, Maine
Evie L. Kenniston of Camden, Maine
S. M. Kenniston of Camden, Maine
Augusta M. Lord of Detroit, Maine
C. E. Megquier of Camden, Maine (2)
F. Megquier
Harry A. Moody of Camden, Maine
Fanny Ogier of Camden, Maine (2)
Aurelius A. Packard of Belfast, Maine
W. H. Pascal of Camden, Maine
Sadie Pendleton of Lincolnville, Maine
Mattie Plummer
Minnie Plummer of Camden, Maine
A. P. Richmond of Camden, Maine
Mamie Richmond of Camden, Maine
Henry G. Smith of Boston, Massachusetts
Annie B. Thorndike of Camden, Maine
George B. Tibbetts of Camden, Maine
Mabel Tibbetts (Miss) of Camden, Maine
A. A. Waldron of Chelsea, Massachusetts

Click here to see scans of all of the pages of Fannie's autograph book, at the Maine and Maritime Canada Genealogy network.

A map of Camden, Maine:

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