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1840s/60s Calling Cards Received by Thomas C. Farris & Anna Leonard (Webb) Farris of Bangor, Maine

Large collection - approximately 150 - of 1840s/60s calling cards received by merchant, grocer and cooperage owner (Thomas C. Farris (abt 1820-1891) and first wife Anna Leonard (Webb) Farris (1821-1868) at their home on First Street in Bangor, Maine.  

Note: Thomas' birth year of 1814 on the linked document differs from what was indicated as his approximate year of birth on most Census documents - about 1820.

An alphabetical list of those who left calling cards appears at the end of this post.

Most of the calling cards, many of which have handwritten names, appear to have been left by families associated with the mercantile and professional trades, as well as some associated with Bangor Theological Seminary. They hailed from:

  • Bangor, Maine and surrounding towns
  • Coastal Maine - Bucksport, Ellsworth, Steuben, Midcoast, Portland
  • Massachusetts

Additionally, and overlapping, many of the calling cards were left by people related to Anna Leonard (Webb) Farris (1821-1868).  Read more about her family in the finding aid of a collection of papers relating to the Shaw, Webb and Farris families - many of the names mentioned in the finding aid are reflected in the calling card collection.

Interestingly, two calling cards in the collection were those of Thomas and Anna themselves. Anna's card dates from before her 1846 marriage to Thomas.

Among his other enterprises, Thomas was in business with Anna's younger brother Jahaziah Shaw Webb (1844-1890) in the Farris-Webb Produce Company in Bangor.

Some of the calling cards were enclosed in envelopes, such as the one at top, which contained calling cards from 

See another post with more information on the Hobbs (sometimes seen as Hobbes) and Allen families.

Also included in the collection is an envelope containing an 1866 letter written to Anna Leonard (Webb) Farris by E. A. Lane, who was presumably Emma [or Elizabeth] Ann (Lufkin) Lane (1827-1899), wife of John Lane.

"Dear Mrs. Farris, Before I left Boston, I several times looked at books thinking of you but feared as I should get something you already had. So if you will accept the enclosed "ten" (and appropriate as you prefer) with my best wishes for you & yours - you will much oblige yrs - very gratefully, E. A. Lane, March 22nd 1866".  

Alphabetical list of people who left calling cards at the Farris home.  If you have information on anyone mentioned, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Again, if you have corrections and/or information on any of the people mentioned above, or different identities for them, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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