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1929/1930 Photograph Album of Emilia Jane Waymouth (1906-2002), then of Puerto Rico and New York; future Wife of Edward Schmidt (1915-1995)

1929/1930 "Snap Shot" photograph album containing 42 photographs that belonged to Emilia Jane Waymouth (1906-2002), "Emily", a native of Puerto Rico, who moved to New York City around 1930.  This album is labeled "No III".

The album dates from about a decade before Emily married Edward Schmidt (1915-1995), a native of Brooklyn, New York.

The album, which measures approximately 8" by 6", is missing the back cover, plus possibly a page or more.  The photographs range in size from 5-1/2" by 3-1/4" to  4-1/4" by 2-1/2" down to 2-3/4" by 2".

People mentioned in the identifications include:
  • Mr. Cruickshank
  • Ines Carmen Waymouth (1905-1986), Emily's sister; Ines would marry Robert Steeneck
  • Ramon Abay, or Ramon Aboy, whose house is pictured after a cyclone had struck it
  • Susita, presumably Emily's friend or relative
  • Clenice or Clennie or Clemmie [?], presumably Emily's friend or relative
  • Ines, Martha and Florence at Vassar College - Emily's sister and two youngn women who are either relatives, friends or schoolmates

The photographs depict:
  • family members at home and away; including several with the family dog
  • tropical scenes, including post-cyclone
  • trip up the Hudson River
  • scenes at Vassar College and at Columbia University
  • New York City landmarks, including views from Emily's office

Emilia Jane Waymouth, "Emily", was born in Puerto Rico in 1906, the daughter of Thomas George Illidge Waymouth and Emily Buenaventura (Finley) Waymouth, who were born on St. Kitts and in Puerto Rico, respectively.  Emily moved to New York City and worked as a stenographer before marrying Edward Schmidt, a native of Brooklyn, New York.   The album identifies Emily's older sister Ines Carmen Waymouth (1905-1986) in several of the photographs, and some of the other people, partially identified, may also have been relatives.

Emily or Ines may have attended Vassar College or Columbia University, as these two colleges appear in several photographs.  In later life, Emily lived in Connecticut, where her husband died, and then New Hampshire, where she died.

For reasons of copyright, I'm not showing the actual photographs.  If you comment, please be careful about posting information about people living or recently deceased.

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