Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Photograph of Dr. David Wellington Bunker (1852 or 1853-1924); Tremont, Maine; Bar Harbor, Maine; Bangor, Maine; Blue Hill, Maine

Photograph of a man identified on the reverse as "Dr. Bunker"; by the studio of H. L. Bradley at Bar Harbor, Maine.

Dr. Bunker was likely Dr. David Wellington Bunker (1852 or 1853-1924) of Trenton and Bar Harbor, Maine, son of John Edward Bunker and Mary Anna (Alley) Bunker.

The photograph was presumably taken before 1910, by which time Dr. Bunker had moved his practice to Bangor, Maine.

Dr. Bunker completed his medical training in 1882 at New York University Medical College.  In 1886 he married Ida Augusta Peters (1864-1919), daughter of Augustus C. Peters and Abby Maria (Osgood) Peters of Blue Hill, Maine.

A Maine death record for Ida Augusta (Peters) Bunker shows that she died at Bangor, Maine, on October 27, 1919.

Dr. Bunker died in April 1924; a record shows that his body was first placed in the tomb at Mount Hope Cemetery at Bangor, Maine, and then removed to Blue Hill.  Perhaps Dr. Bunker is buried in the Seaside Cemetery, where his wife's parents are buried.

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