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Five Cabinet Photographs of Gouldsboro, Maine, area: Young; Tracy; Sargent; Hamilton; Perry; Dorr

Four cabinet photographs of related people of Hancock County, Maine, mostly from the Gouldsboro, Maine, area, plus one photograph of a young boy who might be related.  Gouldsboro is sometimes seen as Gouldsborough.

The photograph above, by the Herrick studio, shows three sisters, daughters of Dennis M. Young and Maggie M. (Spurling) Young of Gouldsboro, Maine. 

Geneva Prudence Young (1894-1978)
Grace Mary Young (1896-1991) 
Annie Beth Young (1896-1989)

Though the identification, shown at left, gives the order as Grace, Geneva and Annie, it seems from their ages that Geneva was at left and Annie in the middle.  Grace was born in February 1896 and Annie in December of that year.

Another photograph shows a younger Geneva Young.

Geneva Prudence Young would marry Morris Young in 1913; they would raise their family in Hancock County, Maine.  Geneva and Morris, and at least one of their children, are buried in the Corea Cemetery at Corea, Maine.

Grace Mary Young married Allan Rufus Fickett in 1919; they lived in Hancock County for a while before moving to Connecticut, where their son was born.  All three are buried in the Evergreen Cemetery at Milbridge, Maine.

Annie Beth Young married twice: 1) Elvin Tracy Young, who died in 1921; and 2) Vernon Chester Moore, who died in 1955.  Annie had three children with her first husband and at least one with her second.

I don't know where Elvin Tracy Young and Annie Beth (Young) Young Moore are buried.  Vernon Chester Moore is buried in the West Bay Cemetery in Gouldsboro, Maine, with his first wife Carolyn A. Perry (1897-1924).

Interestingly, another of the photographs in the collection is of a young girl identified as Miss Carolin Perry of Gouldsboro, Maine.  She is, presumably, the Carolyn A. Perry who grew up to marry Vernon Chester Moore, as noted above.

Carolyn was born in 1897, the daughter of George H. Perry and Elizabeth A. Spurling, who was a sister to Maggie M. (Spurling) Young, mother of the three young sisters in first photograph shown.

Carolyn and Vernon Chester Moore raised several children in Gouldsboro, Maine. Carolyn died in 1924. As noted above, she's buried with Vernon in the West Bay Cemetery at Gouldsboro, Maine.

Another person who fits into the extended family is a woman identified as Aunt Vine Sargent.

Aunt Vine was Lovina (Tracy) Young Sargent (1851-1923), wife of 1) William Haskell Young (1843-1924) and 2) Charles M. Sargent (1857-1938) and daughter of Lindsey Tracy and Belinda (Tucker) Tracy.  Lovina had several children with her first husband, William Haskell Young.

The identification shown on the reverse was apparently written after 1903, the year Vine married her second husband, Charles M. Sargent.

Vine and Charles are buried in the Greenwood Cemetery at Winter Harbor, Maine, along with other relatives, including Charles' first wife Violette, who died in 1895.  I'm not sure where William Haskell Young is buried.

Another relative shown is "Aunt Maud Hamilton".  She was Maud E. (Tracy) Hamilton (1877-1970), daughter of Lindsey Tracy and Eliza (Stevens) Tracy and a half-sister to "Aunt Vine Sargent".

Maud married twice

1) James Henry Hamilton (1877-1940) in 1889, with whom she had a child

2) Aaron Judson Cate (1873-1945) in 1943.

Maud died in 1970 is buried in the Prospect Harbor Cemetery at Prospect Harbor, Gouldsboro, Maine.

The final photograph may have no relationship to the others, other than that it was found with them.  It shows a young boy with a name on the reverse that appears to be Elma Dorr or Elvira Dorr, perhaps signifying the boy's mother or a person for whom the photograph was intended.  There were people with the surname Dorr, or variants of it, in Hancock County, Maine.

Sadly, there's no studio imprint to give a clue as to locale.

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