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Bible of Charles L. Angove and Sarah B. (Willkinson) Angove of Sebec, Maine; passed on to son Lewis R. Angove

Bible that belonged to Charles L. Angove and Sarah B. (Willkinson, or Wilkinson) Angove of Sebec, Maine.  They had seven children, only two of whom survived to adulthood.  The Bible passed into the hands of their son Lewis R. Angove and wife Grace M. (Bridge) Angove.

The Bible, which measures approximately 9-3/4" by 6-1/2" by 2-1/2", was published by Carlton & Phillips of New York in 1856.  In addition to the Family Records pages with entries in ink and pencil, the Bible contains a few mementos.

Marriages Page, which notes that Charles L. Angove and Miss Sarah B. Willkinson were married on July 14, 1849.

Births Pages, in order:

  1. William E. Angove, born December 10, 1850
  2. Charles E. Angove, born December 10, 1850
  3. Charles E. Angove, born January 4, 1853
  4. Fred G. Angove, born March 17, 1855
  5. Lewis R. Angove, born April 23, 1857 [note, his gravestone reads 1859]
  6. Abbie Elen Angove, born May 29, 1861
  7. James A. Angove, born November 23, 186 [can't read last digit, but he died in 1865]

  • Charles L. Angove, born January 27, 1815.  I believe Charles was the son of John Angove and Rhoda (Hutchins) Angove.
  • Mrs. Sarah B. [Willkinson or Wilkinson], born February 15, 1828 or February 15, 1829 - her age at death in the death entry doesn't help, as it could be 35 or 36 - your interpretation is welcome!]

Deaths Page

  • Charles E. Angove Died June 2, 1851
  • Abbie Elen Angove Died April 6, 1862
  • Charles E. Angove, Died April 7, 1862
  • Mrs. Sarah B. Angove Died May 16th 1864, Aged 35 or 36
  • James A. Angove Died September 18, 1865
  • Charles L. Angove Died November 18, 1865
  • William E. Angove Died December 1, 1868, Age 18

Three children outlived their widowed father, but one of them, William E. Angove, died several years later, as you can see from the Deaths page.  The two children not listed on the Deaths page:
  • Fred G. Angove died in November 24, 1896 in Dickinson County, Michigan at the age of 40, after having suffered the loss of a foot a year or so before, from which his health never recovered.  I didn't find a record of marriage or children for Fred.
  • Lewis R. Angove, into whose ownership the Bible passed, married Grace M. Bridge on December 20, 1889 at Dexter, Maine.  Grace was the daughter of Joseph Bridge and Elizabeth G. (Maxfield) Bridge.  Lewis and Grace lived at Milo, Maine, where Lewis worked as a carpenter for the railroad.  By 1920 they had moved to a farm at Parkman, Maine.  Lewis died in 1924, and Grace in 1947.  They're buried in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Dexter, Maine.  Again, I didn't find records of children for Lewis and Grace.

This poor family suffered inconceivable losses.

Mementos in the Bible:

Presumably, the soldier above was drawn by Glen Lewis Arno (1910-1864) of Dexter, Maine.

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