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Bible of Benjamin Franklin Haugh (1829-1912) of Maryland and Indiana

19th century Bible of Benjamin Franklin Haugh (1829-1912), a Maryland native, whose family moved to Indiana about 1836.  The Bible was presented to Benjamin by his mother, Mary Elizabeth (Reck) Haugh, on January 23, 1853.

The Bible, published by the American Bible Society at New York, New York, in 1852, measures approximately 7" by 4-1/2" by 1-1/2" and has:
  • three pages of family records
  • a paper scrap with Benjamin's parents' birth and marriage dates
  • a newspaper clipping entitled "The Fourteenth Amendment, Congress to be Asked to Honor Stephen Neal for Drafting It".  Just below the title appear the handwritten words  Your Mother's Uncle Odie.  Stephen Neal was born in Virginia in 1817 and moved to Indiana after becoming a lawyer.  He was married three times, I believe.  I'd be interested to hear how he connects with the Haugh family. 

From brief online research, hopefully correct - corrections and additions requested:

According to his Indiana Death Certificate, Benjamin Franklin Haugh was born August 19, 1829 in Maryland.  He was the son of Adam Haugh, Sr., and Mary Elizabeth (Reck) Haugh, who, about 1836, moved their family to Indianapolis, Indiana.  

The first Family Record page notes notes Benjamin's marriage to Sislenea Kersey on November 24, 1853 and lists their children: John Adam Elisha Haugh; Benjamin Orim Haugh; Mary Louisa Haugh, who died young; Harry Haugh; and Ida Haugh.

Other pages provide birth, death and age information on:
  • Benjamin's brother Adam Haugh, Jr., born October 4, 1826; died July 18, 1850
  • Adam Haugh, Sr., born February 9, 1789; died August 13, 1869; this information is written on a Family Record page and on a scrap of paper.
  • Mary Elizabeth (Reck) Haugh, born July 17, 1795; died June 23, 1873; her birth date is written in two places, on a Family Record page and on a scrap of paper.  Note:  Her Pennsylvania birth record gives her birth year as 1794.  
  • The marriage of Benjamin Franklin Haugh's son Benjamin Orion Haugh [or Orim] to Mary Emma Blake on March 2, 1886
  • The birth dates of Benjamin Orion Haugh's children Mary Jeannette Haugh on March 11, 1887; and Benjamin Franklin Haugh, Jr., on December 19, 1893
  • The marriage of John Adam Elisha Haugh to Caroline Anderson on December 27, 1887
Sislenea Haugh died in 1886.  The Indiana State Library has in its collection a 12 page booklet entitled In Memory of Mrs. B. F. Haugh.   Benjamin died at Anderson, Indiana, on September 3, 1912.  Benjamin and Sislenea are buried in the Crown Hill Cemetery at Indianapolis, Indiana, with other relatives.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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