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Ephraim Sinclair and wife Ethel H. (Stafford) Sinclair; Harmony, Maine; in group photo

Ephraim and his wife Ethel H. (Stafford) Sinclair in a group photo that includes husband and wife couples of John Lee Collins and wife Fannie Emmie (Mitchell) Collins and Alton Chadbourn and wife Ida M. (Gray) Chadbourn.  

Ephraim is the man sitting in front, with wife Ethel at his left, as viewed in the photograph.  The photograph was taken by the Dinsmore studio of Dover, Maine, which is near the Harmony, Maine area in which the couples lived.

From online research, hopefully correct:

Ephraim Henry Sinclair was born March 1870 in Maine, the son of Martin Van Buren Sinclair, born in Dennysville, Maine in 1847, and his wife Eliza L. (Cook) Sinclair, born in Corinna, Maine, in 1851.  Ephraim's paternal grandparents were Thomas Shaw Sinclair and his wife Ruth B. (Cook) Sinclair.  

Thomas Shaw Sinclair's father was George Amesy Sinclair, who was born in Hallowell, Maine in 1793.  I believe "Amesy" was a nickname for Amasa, so perhaps he was George Amasa Sinclair.  He had a son by the name of Amasa, so perhaps it was a family name.  I haven't yet learned the names of George's parents.  I would love to know what drew him to Washington County, Maine.

I believe the parents of Ruth B. (Cook) Sinclair were Samuel and Lydia Cook.

On 8 April 1896 in Harmony, Maine, Ephraim Henry Sinclair married Ethel H. Stafford.  She was born in July of 1873 in Maine, the daughter of Franklin Joseph Stafford and wife Abbie (Brown) Stafford.  Her paternal grandparents were Obadiah Stafford and Rebecca (Gray) Stafford.  Her maternal grandparents were Richard L. (possibly either Llewellyn or Lord) Brown and wife Mahala (Watson) Brown.

Ephraim and Ethel raised a family of, I believe, three children in Harmony, Maine.  Ephraim died in 1954, and Ethel in 1938.

For more information, visit the page at the Maine and Maritime Canada Genealogy network for Ephraim Henry Sinclair and wife Ethel H. (Stafford) Sinclair.

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A map of Harmony, Maine:

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Map of Dennysville, Maine:

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