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Clifford Gilmore Allen, b abt 1870, possibly Centerville, Maine - his 1881 autograph

Page, unfortunately faint, in the autograph book of cousin Bernice E. Allen of Centerville signed by Clifford Gilmore Allen of Centerville, Maine.

From online research, hopefully correct:

Clifford Gilmore Allen was born about 1870, possibly at Centerville, Maine, the son of Edward Foster Allen and his wife Eunice E. Norton.  

Clifford's father Edward Foster Allen was born 14 March 1825 at Centerville, Maine.  On 10 July 1864, at the age of 40, when he had six children, he enlisted as a private in Company F of the Maine 20th Infantry Regiment.  He mustered out on July 16, 1865.  He had two more children after the war.  Clifford was the last of his children.

Clifford Gilmore Allen's paternal grandparents were Henry and Leah (Jacobs) Allen, both born, I believe, in Centerville, Maine.

Clifford's mother, Eunice E. Norton, was born 18 September 1828 at Addison, Maine.  Her parents were Enoch Norton and Phebe (Norton) Norton, both born in 1796.   Her two grandfathers, Seth Norton and Abraham Abraham of Addison, Maine, were brothers, sons of Seth and Amy Daggett (Norton) Norton.

Clifford Gilmore Allen made his way from the small village of Centerville, Maine, to Boston University, where he graduated about 1900.  He subsequently moved west where he became a professor of languages and philology at Leland Stanford Jr. University, now known simply as Stanford.  In the 1910 Census of Palo Alto, California, he listed his occupation as professor.  He wrote books on language and philology.

In 1913 he married Alice J. Chalfant, who was born 18 June 1884 at Ukiah, California, the daughter of Samuel Jesse Chalfant and his wife Elizabeth W. Cunningham.   I don't have information on her grandparents except that her maternal grandmother's first name was Mary.

Samuel Jesse Chalfant moved from his birth state of Maryland to California.  In the 1870 Census of Big River, Mendocino County, he gave his occupation as saw filer.  In the 1880 Census of Little River, Mendocino County, he gave his occupation as superintendent of a mill.  In 1884, applied for a patent on a Saw Tooth Swage.

Also in 1884, his daughter Alice was born, and he built a house for his family in Mendocino, a house that still stands today, at 45080 Calpella Street.

Clifford Gilmore Allen and his wife Alice J. (Chalfant) had two sons, John Gilmore Allen and Robert Chalfant Allen.   
John Gilmore Allen was born in France on 9 December 1913.  He majored in political science at Stanford.  He died in the 1980s in California.  
Robert Chalfant Allen was born 19 November 1918 in California.  He also attended Stanford University.  After graduation, he joined the US Navy as a Lieutenant Junior Grade.  Sadly, he went down with his ship in World War II.

As I was researching this family, about which I knew nothing when I started, I experienced the highs and lows of genealogy.   First, the high, when learning that a young man from a small village in Maine grew up to receive a doctorate, become an author and Stanford professor.  Kudos to him, his parents and his village teachers.  

Then, the low, when I discovered that his younger son died in World War II.

For more information on this family, see the page of Clifford Gilmore Allen at the Maine and Maritime Genealogy network.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding any of the information presented here, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

A map of Centerville, Maine:

A map of Mendocino County, California:

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