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1826 School or Church School Document from Thomaston, Maine - Names of 37 Scholars

1826 school or church school document from Thomaston, Maine, with the names of 37 scholars.

[Thanks to Maine Genealogical Society members for helping me tease out the meaning of this document.]
If you have information to share on any of the scholars listed, please leave a comment for the benefit of other family researchers. I'll amend the post to show your contribution.

Some of the scholars were apparently siblings or cousins.  I've included some information on possible identities, but many of the surnames are common to the area, with given names repeating many times.

 If you have information on any of these scholars, please leave a comment for the benefit of other family researchers.  

Alphabetical list of Scholars - sorry about the white background in spots

Mary Brantonpossibly Mary Jane Branton (1812-1839); married John Wallace Haskell
Margaret Butlerpossibly Margaret B. Butler (1815-1892); would marry Capt. Mark Perry
Maria Butlerpossibly Alberta Maria Butler (1809-1881); married Capt. Job Perry and Jesse K. Dean
Melly Butlerpossibly Amelia Butler (1811-1899); married Capt. Henry H. Fales and Elkanah S. Smith
Sophia Butlerpossibly Sophia Butler (1819-1902); married Capt. Hiram Worcester
William Butlerpossibly William Butler II (1817-1900); married Eliza P. Butler
Hannah Harden
Sarah Holmespossibly Sarah A. Holmes (1814/5-1892); married Francis Harrington
Katharine Holmes
Hannah Holmespossibly Hannah S. Holmes (1818-1877); married William C. Ramsey
Eliza Holmespossibly Eliza Croner Holmes (1820-1908); married Cyrenius Crockett
Amelia Holmespossibly Amelia Doyle Holmes (1819-1894); married Sylvester H. Fuller and Henry True Luce
Achsah Ingrahampossibly Achsah Ingraham (1820-1909); married Joseph Kalloch
Ann L. Ingrahampossibly Ann Lindsey Ingraham (1819-1836), daughter of Deacon Henry Ingraham; 
Betsey Ingraham
Elizabeth Ingrahampossibly Elilzabeth Ingraham (1813-1861)
Margaret Ingraham
Mary Ann Ingrahampossibly Mary Ann Ingraham (1817-1892); married Orris Robbins Butler
Mary Jane Ingraham
Orinda Ingrahampresumably Orinda F. Ingraham (1815-1881); married Harrison Farrand
Susan Ingraham
Sally Miller
Eliza Partridgepossibly Eliza Partridge (1815-1850); married Dr. William Stevens Wiley
James Partridge, Jr.presumably James Partridge (1816-1903); married Adeline Glidden Harrington; 
Mary Partridgepossibly Mary Jane Partridge (1822-1908); married Nathaniel Adams Burpee; 
Sevey W. PartridgeRev. Seavey William Partridge (1812-1860); married Hester Ann Chapone Hinkley; 
Lucinda Penney
Hannah Robbins
Lucy Simontonpossibly Lucy Simonton (1818-1853); would marry Samuel B. Partridge and Elijah Mayhew Averell
Rebekah Spearpossibly Rebekah Spear (1820-1906); married Andrew Grant Luce
William Spearpossibly William Henry Spear (1816-unk)
Hannah Spoffordpossibly Hannah Simonton Spofford (1815-1842)
Lucinda Spoffordpossibly Lucinda Spofford (1816-1887); married Hezekiah Prince Coombs
Maria Spoffordpossibly Maria Spofford (1813-1879); married Elkanah Spear
Sophia Spoffordpossibly Sophia Spofford (1819-1899)
Katharine Ulmerpossibly Catherine B. Ulmer (1815-1880); married Adriel Cox Fales
Mary Ulmerpossibly Mary B. Ulmer (1813-1829), daughter of Martin Ulmer and Susan (Stodder) Ulmer

Note:  In 1826, Thomaston contained what is now most of Rockland, Maine, and South Thomaston, Maine.

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