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1904-1912 Journal of Minutes of Meetings of the Willing Workers of Pacific Union Church at Westport, Massachusetts

Journal containing minutes of meetings from 1904 to 1912 of the Willing Workers society of the Pacific Union Church at Westport, Massachusetts.

Emily Frank Sisson (1886-1953) was the president throughout the years described.  Tucked in the journal is an acknowledgement card sent to Emily and the Willing Workers - who presumably sent flowers to the funeral service of Charlotte Lena (Sisson) Burt, "Lottie", who died in December, 1911. Lottie was the wife of Dr. Edward W. Burt and the daughter of Mrs. Ann E. (Wing) Sisson.

The journal starts with the founding constitution and continues on with minutes of meetings.  It's remarkable how important organizations such as this were to the upkeep of the church and the life of the community.

Also tucked in the album is a letterhead for the Westport Fair, which was drafted for use as notes for The Willing Workers meeting of October 7, 1912.

If you have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

List of people Mentioned; some many times over


  • Rev. William P. Ames - the Society voted to purchase a wedding present for him


  • Miss Arline H. Borden
  • Miss Viola M. Briggs
  • Miss Alice M. Brightman
  • Etta Brightman; presumably the Etta Brightman who would marry William Albert Kirby
  • Edna M. Brophy; presumably the Miss Minnie E. Brophy, who was elected vice-president of the Willing Workers at their first meeting in 1904
  • Miss Stella Brophy
  • Mr. Brownell of Fall River to furnish ice cream
  • Dr. E. W. Burt - Dr. Edward Walter Burt (1875-1951)
  • Hattie L. Burt
  • Lottie S. Burt - Charlotte Lena (Sisson) Burt (1878-1911), "Lottie", wife of Dr. Edward Walter Burt (1875-1951)


  • Mr. Theodore Davis
  • Miss Josephine L. Downie


  • Miss Elizabeth R. Gifford
  • Gladys B. Gifford
  • Mrs. Harold B. Gifford


  • Miss Clara W. Hicks 

  • Miss Amy Kirby
  • Mrs. Etta Kirby; presumably Etta (Brightman) Kirby
  • Mrs. W. Albert Kirby; presumably Etta (Brightman) Kirby, wife of William Albert Kirby


  • Miss Margaret Lawrence


  • Mrs. Milicksen
  • Miss Mudge


  • C. O. Parker
  • Mr. Parker - to be given $10 for repairs on the vestry
  • Mr. and Mrs. Parker to supply talent for a benefit for the parsonage
  • Mary B. Porter 


  • Mr. Read


  • Mr. Sherman
  • Miss Lillian B. Sherman
  • Miss Mildred Sherman
  • Mr. Shorrock
  • Carolyn A. W. Shorrock - Carolyn A. (Whalen) Shorrock, wife of Richard James Shorrock
  • Luella Shorrock
  • Mrs. Richard J. Shorrock - Caroline A. (Whalen) Shorrock, wife of Richard James Shorrock
  • Mrs. Ann E. Sisson - Mrs. Ann Elizabeth (Wing) Sisson
  • Miss Emily F. Sisson of Westport, Maine; president of the Willing Workers
  • Miss Mary Smeaton; elected secretary of the Willing Workers at their first meeting in 1904
  • Miss Daisy J. Smith
  • Miss Viola Snell


  • Miss Addie B. Tripp
  • Mr. Cyrus Tripp
  • Miss Helen W. Tripp
  • Miss Maude Tripp
  • Miss Myra W. Tripp
  • Miss Grace E. Turner


  • Miss Marguerite A. Wing

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