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1957 Program of Sesquicentennial Anniversary of Incorporation of Jefferson, Maine

Souvenir Program of the Sesquicentennial of Jefferson, Maine, 1807-1957, held at the Village School Grounds, on July 4, 1957.

The program is approximately 6-1/8" x 3-1/2" inches and contains 12 interior pages.   When I talked to the president of the Jefferson Historical Society about this program, she told me that the Society is in process of restoring the Old Town House as a museum.  Hopefully this program will be displayed there soon.  

The first page of text shows a list of early settlers and the year they had moved to Jefferson.

1765 - Joshua Linscott
1766 - Captain Joseph Clark
1769 - James Murphy
1769 - John Weeks
1770 - Jonathan Ames
1772 - John Boynton
1772 - Charles Glidden
1775 - Jonathan Noyes
1776 - Robert Clary
1778 - Captain Samuel Jackson
1778 - Deacon Joseph Jackson
1778 - Thomas Kennedy
1779 - Enoch Avery
1779 - Henry Bond
1779 - Henry Bond
1779 - Peter Dow
1779 - Samuel Waters
1780 - Abner Ford
1780 - William Hopkins
1780 - Abiathar Richardson
1780 - Samuel Whitehouse
1782 - Phineas Ames
1784 - Moses Noyes
1784 - James Robinson
1785 - John Rice
1787 - John Cunningham
1787 - William Shepherd
1790 - Samuel Avery
1790 - John Taylor
1791 - Timothy Plummer
1792 - Joseph Avery
1792 - Elisha Clark
1794 - James Campbell
1795 - Jonathan Jones
1795 - John Perham
1795 - David S. Trask
1795 - Jonathan Trask
1795 - Thomas Trask
1800 - Nathaniel Meservey

Highlights from the History of Jefferson, three pages starting in 1730 and ending in 1957.

Names included in the three pages:
William Vaughn
James Noble
John Ball
Samuel Waters, clerk of Ballstown plantation, including Whitefield and Jefferson, organized April
1807 - incorporation, the 100th town in the District of Maine.  Named for President Thomas Jefferson
James Reeves
Jesse Rowell, Postmaster
Silas Noyes
Bela Haskell 

Sesquicentennial Hymn, Tune: Jefferson by F. Morse Wemple; written by Laura Meserve Pierce

Names on the page above:
Rev. Herbert S. Craig
Frank H. Flagg, First Selectman
Herbert A. Clark
Hazel M. Tenny
Arad E. Linscott

Names on the page above:
Rev. Leslie A. Farrer
Master of Ceremonies, Donald F. Pierce
Director of Augusta Cadet Band, Raymond F. Vigue
Judges for Floats:
Kenneth W. Barker           Eston D. Glidden
Harold G. Clark               Bryan M. Hodgkins
Raymond F. Flagg            Lauriston H. Vinal

Planning Committee
Laura M. Pierce, General Chairman
Dorothy S. Ames                          Erland O. Johnston
Irvin H. Bond                                Helen H. Knowles
Martha F. Bond                             Helen L. Linscott
Ruth H. Bond                                 Marion A. MacDonald
Maxine V. Gross                            Alice P. Olsen
Philip H. Hansen III                        Edna L. Parlin
Eleanor L. Hixon                            Donald F. Pierce
Meda S. Hodgkins                          Elizabeth Williamson
Beryl H. Hunt                                 Eleanor L. Wilson
Ernest G. Hunt                                Roger M. Wilson

Historical Committee
Delbert E. Andrews                         Lervey W. Castle
Amy F. Besse                                 Herbert A. Clark
H. Prescott Bond                             Florence D. Meserve

Alice H. Holmes                               Earle A. Hodgkins
                         Laura M. Pierce

Martha F. Bond                                 Helen H. Knowles

Arthur L. Benner                                Raymond L. Bond
                            Fred E. Jackson

Ruth H. Bond                                      Meda S. Hodgkins
                   Elizabeth McE. Williamson

Dorothy S. Ames                                 Winifred L. Banks
                              Erland O. Johnston

William C. Carter                                 Chester M. Swift
                          Raymond F. Flagg, Jr.

Alice H. Holmes                                    Ada B. Packard

Maxine V. Gross                                     Eleanor L. Hixon
                                 Alice P. Olsen

Men - Brien L. Gilbault                           Donald F. Pierce
                                 Charles A. Rawlings
Women - Helen S. Madden                      Pauline O. Miller
Children - Judith Hansen                         David Fish
                Gail Campbell                        Robert Wilson
                                        4-H Clubs

Float Committees
First Baptist Church and Choir
Clifton A. Bond                                     Raymond F. Flagg, Jr.
Irvin H. Bond                                         Earle A. Hodgkins
Margaret T. Bond                                   Ralph R. Bond

Bunker Hill Grange
Carroll Dinsmore, Jr.                                    Beryl H. Hunt
                                  Gladys A. Johnston  

Bunker Hill Workers
Forest Hunt

Extension Association
Eleanor M. Albert                                    Laura C. Cunningham
                                Mary M. Goodwin

Fish and Game Association
Fred E. Jackson                                        Donald F. Pierce
                                Blaine H. Swift

Happy Harvesters
Joyce MacDonald                                      Sandra Bailey

Peter Campbell                                          Charles Hunt

Jefferson Eagles
Jon Chamblee                                             Robert Dodge
Bradley Bryant                                            Frank Holmes

Jefferson Grange
                                   Fay B. MacDonald

Jefferson Volunteer Fire Dept.
Andrew W. Williamson                      Ernest G. Hunt

King's Daughters
Nancy S. Bond                                   Elizabeth G. Hoffses
Hazel G. Hall                                     Leila E. Lermond
Esther C. Carleton                              Elizabeth N. Wemple

Ladies Aid
Martha F. Bond                                   Donna R. Bond
                                 Lottie E. Tanner

Star Club
Lester P. Gross                                      Maxine V. Gross

Willow Grange
Alice H. Holmes                                     H. Graham Hall

Woman's Club
Ingrid E. Dodge                                       Maxine V. Gross
Esther C. Carleton                                   Ada B. Packard

Youth Center
Theodore Albert                                      Rachel Hixon
Richard Boyd                                          Adele Hodgkins
Joan Dodge                                             Barry Kleinberg
Catherine Fish                                         Jon Olsen
Robert Fish                                             Marjorie Smith
Judith Hansen                                          Robert Wilson

Printed in Jefferson by Bond Printing Company

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