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CDV of Ed Carver; taken by Bangor, Maine Studio

Carte de Visite of "Uncle Ed. Carver" taken by Studio of H. C. & G. W. Call, Photo Artists, No. 2, Smith's Block, Bangor, Maine.  

From online research, hopefully correct, and hopefully with the correct "Uncle Ed Carver":

Edward Kent Carver was born 13 December 1841 at Lagrange, Maine, the son of Cyrus and Mary A. (Waterhouse) Carver.  His paternal grandparents were Nathan and Hannah (Matthews) Carver, born in Massachusetts and Maine respectively.  His maternal grandparents were John and Elizabeth (Jackson) Waterhouse.

Edward Kent Carver served in the Civil War in Company B, Maine 20th Infantry Regiment.  He mustered in on 29 August 1862 and mustered out 15 June 1864.

On 13 November 1870, Edward Kent Carver married Eunice Babson Merrill, who was born 30 October 1845 at Bangor, Maine, the daughter of Joseph Raynes Merrill and his wife Tamson Babson Gray.  Her paternal grandparents were Charles R. and Eunice (Raynes) Merrill.  I don't as yet have information on Tamson Babson Gray's parents.

The couple settled in Glenburn, Maine, which is adjacent to Bangor, and raised a family of six children: Cyrus W. Carver; Gertrude Carver; Mary Annie Carver; Joseph R. Carver; Margaret Merrill Carver; Mahala Maude Carver.

Edward Kent Carver died at Glenburn on 23 January 1899.  His widow Eunice died at Glenburn on 18 February 1921.

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