Thursday, February 5, 2009

Isaac P. Francis and his wife Annie or Hannah Bradford Weeks

Spent some time checking into the background of a fancy marriage certificate dated 19 Jul 1864, between Isaac P. Francis of Brookline, Massachustts, and Annie B. Weeks, Dartmouth, Massachustts. This couple later lived in the New Bedford area and Fairhaven area.

I found some references online to an Isaac P. Francis and Hannah Bradford Weeks or Weekes; their wedding date was given as 17 Jul 1864. It seems improbable, though not impossible, that the mistake lies in the marriage certificate and more likely that it was a typo online or on the source used for that citation.

Isaac was involved in the grocery and railway businesses. Annie or Hannah had much more genealogical information online than Isaac, whose father apparently was also named Isaac, but the easy trail went cold from there.

Next up: Family Record apparently removed from a Bible at some point. Peter Green and Lydia Trimble, who were married 16 Oct 1803.