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Photograph of Ruth Gertrude Jones by a Norway, Maine, Studio; married Edward Leon Greene

Cabinet photograph of a young girl identified on the reverse as Gertrude Jones Greene.  The photograph was taken by the studio of J. U. P. Burnham and J. W. Swan at Norway, Maine.

Gertrude was presumably Ruth Gertrude Jones, who would marry Edward Leon Greene.

From brief online research, hopefully correct - corrections and additions requested:

Ruth Gertrude Jones was born June 2, 1878 at Bangor, Maine, the daughter of Alphonso Clarence Jones and Abbie Ella (Knight) Jones.  The family would soon move from Bangor to South Paris, Maine.  Gertrude's birth record gives her name as Gertrude Jones; her marriage record gives her name as Ruth Gertrude Jones.

While researching Gertrude, I happened upon an amazing homage: the "Courting Correspondence of Edward Leon Greene and Ruth Gertrude Jones".   Not only does the collection feature many of their letters but also a family history and photographs of Edward at age 21 and Gertrude at age 17.

Gertrude and Edward Leon Greene married June 5, 1901 at South Paris, Maine in the "Haskell House".  Edward was born August 1, 1876 at North Waterford, Maine, the son of George Frye Greene and Deborah, or Dora, Blanchard (Rideout) Greene.  At the time of their marriage, Gertrude was a teacher and Edward a decorator.  Gertrude and Edward would have, I believe, three children.

Edward died in 1958 and Gertrude in 1968.  They're buried in the Riverside Cemetery at South Paris, Maine.

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1893 Assignment of Mortgage from William A. Murchie to John Prescott - Calais, Maine

Assignment of mortgage signed July 15, 1893 by William A. Murchie to John Prescott, in a mortgage originally given to Murchie by Arabella Hicks and Ira Hicks of Calais, Maine.

This document was found with three other documents relating to Calais, Maine:

William Andrew Murchie was born March 25, 1841 at Oak Bay, New Brunswick, not far from Calais, Maine.  He was the son of James Simpson Murchie and Mary Ann (Grimmer) Murchie.  William married twice: 1)  Ella Todd, with whom he had four children; 2)  Mina DeHart Rounds, with whom he had two children.

William Andrew Murchie died July 16, 1923 at St. Stephen, New Brunswick, across the St. Croix River from Calais, Maine.  Read more about the Murchie family here, in Maine: a History, Volume 4, edited by Louis Clinton Hatch, published by the American Historical Society in 1919.

The Find-a-Grave listing for John Prescott contains much information on his life and family.  He was born February 23, 1831, son of Jessie Prescott and Sarah (Knight) Prescott.  John married twice: 1)  Sarah (Dinsmore) Prescott; 2)  Emma Sophia (Green) Kelly Prescott

John and his wives and other family members are buried in the Calais Cemetery at Calais, Maine.

Ira Hicks, a sawmill operator, and wife Arabella (Estabrooks) Hicks were New Brunswick natives who lived at Baring, Maine, and Calais, Maine.   Arabella died at Calais, Maine, on September 26, 1909.  Her death record indicates that Ira had predeceased her.

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1882 Deed Where Prescott M. Pirington and John Prescott Purchased a Home and Lot at Milltown, Calais, Maine

Note: I've included links to burial information on some of the people below, but I haven't verified the sources used, so take the information with a grain of salt.  Please advise me of any errors and/or additions.

This iwas found with three other documents relating to Calais, Maine:

July 19, 1882 deed where Samuel G. Pike, executor of the estate of Joseph Granger, a recently deceased Calais lawyer, sold a home, formerly known as the Dyer House and lot, at Milltown, Maine, to Prescott M. Pirington and John Prescott of Calais, Maine.  The house was located adjacent to the property of the proprietors of the First Baptist Meeting House, on the north side; Main street, on the east side; and James Murchie & Sons land to the north and west.

The deed was signed by Samuel G. Pike in the presence of E. B. Harvey, Justice of the Peace.  Pike was given  authority to sell the property by Judge of Probate James A. Milliken.  E. B. Harvey was Enoch Blanchard Harvey (1823-1896), a native of Vermont who moved to Calais, Maine, and practiced law there.

The excerpt below on Joseph Granger is from the Annals of Calais, Maine and St. Stephen, New Brunswick: Including the Village of Milltown, Me. and the Present Town of Milltown, N.B., published by I. C. Knowlton in 1875.

The ninth lawyer that settled in Calais was Hon. 
Joseph Granger; at present the senior member of the 
Bar in both this city and Washington County. He was 
born in Newburyport, Mass. about the beginning of 
the present century. In early manhood he engaged 
and with success in mercantile and commercial busi- 
ness; but on the occurrence of adverse circumstances, 
he abandoned these employments and read law with 
Moses Emery, Esq., of Saco. In 1830 he came to this 
city, opened a law office and began his life work. Giv- 
ing himself wholly to his profession, and carrying into 
it a quick perception, a clear head and a warm heart, 
he has been eminently successful. Though on the 
shady side of three score and ten, "his eye is not dim, 
nor his natural force abated." He is still attending to 
a large amount of legal business, and is a Nestor among 
his younger brethren, and a highly respected member 
of society. 

The deed - click on any image to enlarge it:

f If you have information to share on Samuel G. Pike; James A. Milliken; Prescott Moulton Pirington; John Prescott or Enoch Blanchard Harvey, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Incidentally, I noticed an 1836 letter on eBay in 2013 from Joseph Granger to attorney Moses Emery at Saco, Maine - the excerpt above notes that Granger had studied law with Emery in the period just before 1830.  The letter reveals Granger's hope to have a railway extension from Baring, Maine, to Bog Brook at Calais, Maine, which would save him 3-1/2 miles off his current route.

Bog Brook was in the vicinity of Hardscrabble Road in Calais.

Class of 1905 Technical High School, Providence, Rhode Island - IDed Erroneously as Sarah C. Wynne

Graduation photograph of a member of the Class of 1905 at Technical High School at Providence, Rhode Island.   The photograph was taken by the Edgar K. Horton studio of Providence, Rhode Island.

The graduate is identified on the reverse as, if I'm reading the identification correctly, Sarah C. Wynne, presumably Sarah Curtis Wynne.

However, the person in the photograph is a male, so I'm guessing that two photographs were stuck together when Sarah wrote her name on what she thought was the reverse of her own photograph.

This photograph was found with 15 others of graduates of Technical High School at Providence, Rhode Island.  See a list of the other graduates at the end of this post.

If you recognize this young man from your family photographs or research, please leave a comment with his identity.

From brief online research, hopefully correct - corrections and additions requested:

Sarah Curtis Wynne was born October 22, 1887 at Lawrence, Massachusetts, the daughter of Isaac Wynne and Annie Hazard (Curtis) Wynne.  By 1900 the family was living at Providence, Rhode Island.  By 1910, Sarah was boarding at Burbank, California, and working as a stenographer at a wholesale grocery.

On March 9, 1921 at Burbank, California, Sarah C. Wynne married Henry W. Reynolds, son of A. B. Reynolds and Anna (Markley) Reynolds.   Sarah and Henry had at least one child, a daughter.  Henry had died by the time of the 1940 Census.  Sarah died in 1957 at Los Angeles.

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List of people in the 16 photographs:

1881 Deed Where John Prescott & Prescott M. Pirington Purchased Land & Buildings at Calais, Maine

Quit-Claim deed where John Prescott and Prescott Moulton Pirington of Calais, Maine, purchased from Calais Savings Bank the buildings and land formerly known as the Benjamin F. Waite homestead.  The deed is dated October 26, 1881 and was signed by George A. Lowell, Treasurer of Calais Savings Bank.

See other posts that features three other deeds connected with John Prescott and Prescott Moulton Pirington:
Benjamin Franklin Waite died February 23, 1875, while the referenced property was still mortgaged with Calais Savings Bank.  According to the deed description, the bank foreclosed on the property on August 9, 1875.  The property is described as being on the easterly side of Main Street in Calais.

Incidentally, another post features a Bible that was presented in 1849 to young George Albert Lowell at Milltown, Maine, by his mother, Sarah (Smith) Lowell.

Click on an image to enlarge it.

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Bible presented in 1849 by his Mother to George Albert Lowell of Milltown, Maine

Small Bible with scrap of paper inside indicating the Bible was a gift to George A. Lowell, Milltown, from his mother, 1849, presumably in his mother's handwriting.

George Albert Lowell was born May 6,  1831 at Milltown, Calais, Maine, the son of Reuben Lowell and Sarah (Smith) Lowell.  George and his brothers went to California during the gold rush.  George returned several years later became a merchant, banker and city treasurer of Calais, Maine.

See another post that features George's signature as Treasurer of Calais Savings Bank on an 1881 deed where John Prescott and Prescott Moulton Pirington purchased the former Benjamin F. Waite homestead from the Bank.

George Albert Lowell married Sarah E. Hill, born Nov 8, 1833 at Upper Mills, New Brunswick, Canada, the daughter of Horatio Nelson Hill and Phoebe Weston Whitney.   I believe George and Sarah had five, or possibly six, children:
  1. Jessie M. Hill, born about February 1859 in New Brunswick; she married Edward Palmer Boutelle
  2. Albert G. Lowell
  3. Fred H. Lowell
  4. Ellen Louise Lowell
  5. Agnes Pennell Lowell
Sarah E. (Hill) Lowell died in 1905 in New York while she and her husband were en route to Florida for a vacation.  George died May 29, 1907 in Calais.

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Two CDVs of J. Graham Rodgers, taken at San Francisco, California - with firm of Rodgers & Meyer

Two Cartes de Visite of a man identified as J. Graham Rodgers; the photographs were taken at the studio of Bradley & Rulofson, located at the corner of Montgomery and Sacramento Streets, San Francisco, California.

J. Graham Rodgers appears in the 1865 and 1867 City Directories of San Francisco, California.  He was associated, presumably by family relationship, with the firm of Rodgers, Meyer & Co., which operated the California Silk Manufacturing Company and dealt in importing and exporting.

Rodgers & Meyer  & Co. was formed by Robert Rodgers and William Meyer.  The listing below, which also mentions Robert Rodgers, Jr., is from the 1865 directory.  It's likely that J. Graham Rodgers was another son or a nephew or other relative.

Roberts & Meyer & Co. also had an office at Portland, Oregon.  In addition, Robert Rodgers operated Robert Rodgers & Co. at Liverpool, England.

A line in the January 14, 1882 issue of Bradstreet's Weekly mentions that the firm of Rodgers & Meyer & Co., importers and commission, had dissolved.  An article in the January 1, 1884 issue of the Sacramento Daily Union about California sericulture reveals that the silk factory operated by Rodgers & Meyer & Company, was destroyed by fire in June 1882 - presumably when the firm dissolved, the silk plant was still owned by at least one of the principals, or the the date of the fire is incorrect.

A man by the name of J. G. Rodgers, born about 1828, sailed from San Francisco, California to Hawaii on the vessel Yankee in 1862.  Whether this is J. Graham Rodgers or not, I don't know, but it's plausible.

If you have information as to the identity of J. Graham Rodgers, please leave a comment or contact me directly.