Sunday, September 26, 2021

Newspaper Clipping about Theodore Lincoln of Dennysville, Maine, & the 6th Maine in the Civil War

Newspaper clipping about Major Theodore Lincoln, Jr., a Dennysville, Maine, native, and officer in the Sixth Maine.  

Note: Rather than Theodore Lincoln, Jr., I believe he was that man's son Theodore Lincoln III (1830-1865) as this Maine veterans cemetery record indicates. Many military records refer to him as a Jr.

Found in a journal of underlying handwriting pasted over with many clippings, presumably by someone sympathetic to the Union and with abolitionist leanings.

A transcription appears at the end of this post.

Theodore Lincoln III (1830-1865) was the son of Theodore Lincoln, Jr., (1800-1867) and Elizabeth Cushing Lincoln (1800-1877). Theodore III was the great grandson, as the article notes, of Benjamin Lincoln (1733-1810) was the celebrated Revolutionary War General to whom Cornwallis' second offered his surrender at Yorktown.

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Perhaps a reader will know if Theodore Lincoln III came home from the War in 1864 with lingering illness or injury, which contributed to his death in 1865.

This regiment, with 90 men, under command of Major Theodore Lincoln, Jr., also came in the Weybosset [a steam ship]. Major Lincoln is a great grandson of Major General Benjamin Lincoln of the revolution, to whom Lord Cornwallis surrendered. Major Lincoln has been with the regiment ever since its formation, entering it as Orderly Sergeant. He has passed through many severe battles, beginning at Yorktown, and ending with one of the last skirmishes before Petersburg. Of the original regiment of one thousand there are only about seventy left, and of these Major Lincoln is one. He has passed unwounded through his numerous battle, though repeatedly greatly exposed. Few of our young officers have rendered more effectual service, or shown a cooler and more determined bravery in action. He has the confidence of his men, and we trust there are higher military honors in reserve for him.

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