Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hattie Mae Small & Eugene A. Drinkwater, Maine

Wedding announcement for Hattie Mae Small & Eugene A. Drinkwater, married in Tenants Harbor, Maine, on 7 May 1913.

From what I have been able to find:

Eugene A. Drinkwater was the son of Daniel Drinkwater and Susan Dennett, of Webster, Maine. Eugene was born about 1870, likely in Webster.

It appears he was married twice, first on 21 Mar 1895 to Statira A. Holbrook (born about 1878 and also from Webster), with whom he had Leslie; Richard; Charlotte; and Raymond. So far I haven't been able to find out what happened to Statira or "Statie".

Then, on 7 May 1913, Eugene married Hattie Mae Small. I haven't found much information on Hattie; I don't know if Small was her maiden name or from a previous marriage. In the Maine Marriages Online Database entry for her marriage to Eugene, Hattie's residence is listed as Vassalboro, Maine. They may have had their wedding at Tenants Harbor because it's a scenic coastal location. Hattie then appears on the 1920 Census in Webster with Eugene, their son Edwin N. Drinkwater born about 191 and Eugene's son Raymond from his first marriage.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any information on this family. I hope you enjoy the image of this marriage announcement!


  1. This is my family tree, and I was wondering if you had more information.

  2. Thanks for commenting. I don't have much on this family except what I needed to find for this blog post. Everything came from online research, either from one of the subscription services or from or from google searches. You will be amazed at what you can find for free online, though there's much more available that isn't yet online - and you have to vet a lot of what you find because of unintentional errors, transcription errors, assumptions, etc. Some of the subscription services have a free trial, as long as two weeks - take advantage of a free trial when you have some free time coming up, and remember to end your subscription before the trial period is over so that you don't get charged, unless you want to keep going. Most of the subscription services save your work even after the trial is over, and you can look at it, though maybe not edit it or add to it, and it's there whenever you re-subscribe. If you're in the central Maine area, there's a wonderful genealogy resource at Taconnett Falls Genealogy Library at Winslow - lots of resources, helpful members. Open only on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. Good luck!