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1866 Invoice from Skowhegan, Maine Firm to Joseph Clark, Caratunk, Maine

October 16, 1866 Invoice from Morrison & Drew, Commission Merchants & Wholesale Dealers in Flour, Corn, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Coal, Lime Cement, Salt, Plaster, Nails, Glass Grass-Seed, Carriages & Trimmings, Wheels, Hubs & Spokes, of Skowhegan, Maine, to Joseph Clark, location not stated, but presumably the Joseph Clark Jr. who was one of the largest landowners and businessmen of Somerset County, Maine.  He was involved in mail delivery, road repair, river dredging/clearing and hotels in Caratunk and The Forks, along the Kennebec River and Canada Road.

Joseph Clark Jr. was born abt 1819, the son of Joseph Clark (1785-1847) and Sarah Hunt (1789-1862).  He married Esther B. Moore in 1841 in Moscow, Maine.  They had several children, some of whom also worked in the hotel business in the area.  Son Omar took over the hotel at Caratunk when Joseph moved to West Forks to build and operate the Forks Hotel.  Daughter Abbie, wife of Edward Livingstone Webster, also operated the Caratunk hotel for a time, as did her son Joseph Webster.  

This invoice is part of a larger collection of Clark invoices and documents from the mid 1800s, including postal, steamship and roadwork documents.  

If you have any insights into the Clark family of Somerset County, Maine, please contact me.  Thanks for stopping by!

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