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Photograph of Naomi Marie Farmer of Farmington, Maine, at six months

Photograph of Naomi Marie Farmer at six months of age; taken by Luce's Studio of Farmington, Maine.

From online research, hopefully correct:  [Corrections and additions are most welcome, but please be vague when mentioning people who lived in the 20th century or later.]

Naomi Marie Farmer was born in 1924, perhaps at Wilton, Maine, the daughter of Ellery Herbert Farmer and Hazel Catherine (Brown) Hiscock Farmer, who were born at Wilton, Maine, and Madison, Maine, respectively.  

Naomi's mother Hazel was previously married to Hiram Dexter Hiscock and had a son from that marriage, Maurice D. Hiscock.  Hazel and Ellery had at least two children other than Naomi, sons Glenwood and Lawrence.

Naomi's paternal grandparents were Herbert E. and Mallie E. (Bangs) Farmer.  Her maternal grandparents were Charles and Etta (Moulton) Brown.

In 1947, Naomi married Richard Higgins, son of Charles Henry Higgins and Ethyl E. (Clark) Higgins.  Richard was born in 1925 at Farmington.  Naomi died at Lewiston, Maine, in 1996.

If you have corrections to the information above, or additions to it, keeping in mind privacy concerns, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Wilton, Maine, and Farmington, Maine

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