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1898 Meeting Seaside Local Union Christian Endeavor at Blue Hill, Maine

Fifth Annual Meeting of the
Seaside Local Union Christian Endeavor 
at the Congregational Church, Blue Hill, Maine
Friday, September 2, 1898



2:00   Praise Service, led by Mrs. R. P. Grindle

2:10   Responsive Scripture Reading and Prayer Service, led by Rev. E. Bean

2:25   Business.  Reports of Societies, Reports of Junior work

3:00   Discussion: "The enforcement of the Pledge as Essential to Success in Y.P.S.C.E.," to be opened by Mrs. Carrie P. Webber

3:20   Discussion: "Strict Observance of the Constitution and By-Laws as Essential to Success in Y. P. S. C. E.," to be opened by Mr. Martin Moore

3:40   Discussion: "Elements of a successful business meeting", to be opened by Mrs. C. S. McLearn

4:00   Report of the Nashville Convention, - Trip through the Southland, - Visit to the Soldiers at Chickamauga Park and Hampton Roads, Virginia., Mr. C. L. Estey


6:30   Praise and Testimony Meeting, led by Rev. R. L. Olds
       (All are cordially invited to take part.)

7:00 Question Box, Conducted by Rev. E. L. Hunt

7:30 Address, Rev. A. F. Schauffler, D.D., of New York

This promises to be one of the best meetings of the Union.

Remember that the afternoon begins at 2 o'clock promptly.  Be on time.

Picnic supper in the vestry.

Executive Committee will meet in the vestry during opening exercises at 2.

President - Rev. E. Bean, Blue Hill

Vice President - F. W. Richardson, North Orland

Cor. Secretary - Mrs. Carrie P. Webber, Blue Hill

Treasurer - Mrs. E. E. Tinker, Ellsworth


Blue Hill Baptist
Blue Hill Congregational
Boggy Brook
East Blue Hill
East Surry
Ellsworth Baptist
Ellsworth Free Baptist
Ellsworth Falls
North Ellsworth
North Orland
South Surry 
West Ellsworth

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