Friday, April 2, 2010

1893 Brochure for State Normal School, Castine, Maine

This vintage brochure names the faculty and trustees of the State Normal School at Castine, Maine, for the Spring Term beginning March 7, 1893.

Albert F. Richardson, A.M., Principal; Psychology, Didactics, History of Education, Civil Govt.
Mary E. Hughes, Eng. Literature; Rhetoric, Geometry, Algebra, Grammar
Edward E. Philbrook, M.D.; Physiology, Chemistry, Music, Geography
Nellie F. Harvey; Botany, Drawing, Reading, Geometry, Algebra
Winnie Austin; Physics, Physical Geography, Astronomy, History, Writing
Helen Coombs; Arithmetic, History, Spelling
Mabel F. Simmons; Teacher of Training School
Gov. Henry B. Cleaves, Ex-officio
Nelson A. Luce, Ex-officio, State Superintendent of Common Schools
I. Warren Merrill, Farmington
John A. Hinckley, Gorham
Henry L. Chapman, Brunswick
Oliver B. Clason, Gardiner
William George Sargent, Castine

Hopefully you will find a relative among 
the above  - enjoy!

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